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 Free Indeed Dorothy Batts Renee Gibbs Bryan K. Reed 9780991424665
Until the Lord returns, we have been given power by God to occupy until He comes. It does not matter how intense your battle might seem, God said we are overcomers. You will find Jesus' teachings on the kingdom principles along with chapters and verses from Revelation to enlighten you on the destruction of the devil and the New Heaven and the New Earth.
cena: 92,45
Free Indeed
 Tales from Townsville Candace Bryan Stephen Reed 9780451533005
Catch all the action in these exciting short tales about the adventures of Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup--the one and only Powerpuff Girls
Saving the world before bedtime isn't easy How do the Powerpuff Girls do it? Get a glimpse into the lives of Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup in these three tales as they navigate crime-fighting at home, in school, and out in the city. Includes...
cena: 30,95
Tales from Townsville
 Writing and Learning about Jesus, ABC Linda Carson Oliver Eric Stevenson Bryan K. Reed 9780996598644
This is a delightful, engaging book that helps young people, ages 5 - 8, improve their writing, enhance their knowledge of Jesus and make them excited about learning. Author, Linda Oliver, has created fun mini-lessons that are great for use in Christian schools, Sunday school and home schools. Your family will want to add this to your child's collection.
cena: 104,20
Writing and Learning about Jesus, ABC
 The Right Prescription Janine Scott Duane A. Brown Bryan Reed 9780988489936
If you feel depressed, you are not alone. There is help and hope for you. Even Christians get depressed.If you have heard one or all of these statements, this book is for you: "A Christian should never be depressed." "The joy of the Lord should be your strength-why don't you have joy?" "You just need to have more faith and trust God more, just shake it off...everything is going to be okay."
cena: 53,62
The Right Prescription
 Kingdom Keys: Unlocking the Doors of Opportunity to Your Divine Purpose Fredrick Harris Duane A. Brown Bryan Reed 9780988489905
This book is uniquely written to encompass four mini-books - or "keys" - within one book. All keys were written to enhance the opportunity to unlock the doors of your potential, to strengthen your walk with Christ, and to ultimately define your purpose.
cena: 70,91
Kingdom Keys: Unlocking the Doors of Opportunity to Your Divine Purpose
 Think Big! Young Artists & Authors Volume II Iris Williams D. Renee Gibbs Bryan Reed 9780991424634
This is an anthology featuring young artists and authors ages 6 -17 which was compiled as a part of a scholarship contest. The participants' entries were judged based on specific guidelines and their entries display their talents in this beautifully bound book. A perfect book for any school library.
cena: 178,89
Think Big! Young Artists & Authors Volume II
 From My Heart: A Variety of Poems and Letters Linda Alfreta Carson Oliver Eric Stevenson Bryan K. Reed 9780996598651
This is a beautiful collection of original poems and heartfelt letters that are sure to touch the heart of many.
cena: 92,68
From My Heart: A Variety of Poems and Letters