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 Básničkový kalendář na rok 2006 Honza Volf 9788086110493 Nakl. jednoho autora
Kalendář plný básniček, kreseb, pohlednic a sluníček a mnohého dalšího.
cena: 49,70
Básničkový kalendář na rok 2006
 Židovské svátky Jan Divecký 9788090358430 P3K
V knize s podtitulem Kalendářem od Pesachu do Purimu naleznete přehled všech významných svátků, objasnění jejich kořenů a ukotvení v příbězích Tóry. Nechybí vysvětlení principu židovského kalendáře a jeho srovnání s kalendářem křesťanským a muslimským. Texty jsou doplněny slovníkem pojmů.
Z obsahu knihy: Kalendář • Měsíce židovského kalendáře •...
cena: 28,69
Židovské svátky
 Charleston: A Historic Walking Tour Mary Presto 9781531612115 Arcadia Library Editions
Charleston: A Historic Walking Tour will help natives and visitors alike appreciate the history and residents of this beautiful city. With its architecture, palm trees, and cobblestone streets, Charleston is one of the South's great cultural destinations. Its ballrooms and benevolent society halls attest to grand periods of opulence and high living. The theater, libraries, museum, and college...
cena: 110,36
Charleston: A Historic Walking Tour
 Baseball in San Diego: From the Plaza to the Padres Bill Swank The San Diego Historical Society 9781531619596 Arcadia Library Editions
Baseball in San Diego: From the Plaza to the Padres, takes the reader on a seven-decade journey from Horton Plaza, the site of San Diego's first base ball game in 1871, to lower Broadway and the future home of Lane Field. Before the Pacific Coast League, San Diego had three Class D teams. One was the Bears, whose frustrated owner Dick Cooley complained, "I don't believe they'll make baseball pay...
cena: 110,36
Baseball in San Diego: From the Plaza to the Padres
 Ein Haus im Weihnachtstraum Behr, Barbara 9783815733417 Coppenrath, Münster
cena: 56,04
Ein Haus im Weihnachtstraum
The first color action photo of Ted Williams (as shown on the front cover) was taken at Lane Field in San Diego on October 5, 1941 by an amateur photographer. Nobody knew of its existence until an old wooden cigar box was found in a basement in 1999. This book is a treasure chest of such old San Diego baseball pictures and memories. From the Padres to Petco focuses on San Diego's love affair with...
cena: 110,36
Baseball in San Diego: From the Padres to Petco
 Knoxville Ed Hooper 9781531610579 Arcadia Library Editions
Though it began as a small fort on the Tennessee River, Knoxville would not know obscurity for long. Founded in 1791, Knoxville became the capital of the new state of Tennessee five years later and rapidly became a major metropolitan area for the southeastern United States. Exportations of raw and natural goods brought wealth and new residents, and soon its main thoroughfare became a window into...
cena: 110,36
cena: 39,10
Kalendář Toyen 2004
 Cincinnati Revealed: A Photographic Heritage of the Queen City Kevin Grace Tom White Tom White 9781531613266 Arcadia Library Editions
Cincinnati Revealed: A Photographic Heritage of the Queen City, features nearly 200 rarely seen photographs and vintage postcards. Through these striking images, together with the insightful text, authors Kevin Grace and Tom White take the reader on a unique visual tour of this historic river city. It is a tour well worth taking. Since its inception in 1788, Cincinnati has evolved from a brawling...
cena: 110,36
Cincinnati Revealed: A Photographic Heritage of the Queen City
 Milwaukee Richard Prestor 9781531602031 Arcadia Publishing Library Editions
In April 1834, the Green-Bay Intelligencer newspaper reported that a sawmill was being erected in a new settlement on the Milwaukee River. Less than one year later, the paper reported that "Milwaukey sic], which 10 months ago, had only a single trading house, has now some 20 or 30 houses, and two or three saw mills." Yankee settlers and land speculators had moved in and were here to stay. The...
cena: 110,36
Ein Wegbegleiter durch das ganze Jahr ist der immer währende Foto-Kalender Spuren im Sand. Allen Freunden des bekannten Gedichtes bietet er Monat für Monat Platz zum Eintragen wichtiger Geburts- oder Gedenktage. Die einzelnen Kalenderblätter enthalten Abschnitte des Gedichtes, ergänzende Bibelverse (aus Hoffnung für alle) und natürlich passend dazu ausgewählte Farbfotos.
cena: 37,94
Spuren im Sand, Geburtstagskalender
cena: 74,14
Ich denk an dich
ilość książek w kategorii: 1282