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Grafika komputerowa

 How to Cheat in Maya 2013 Eric Luhta 9780240525907 0
Breathe life into your animations with this essential guide to Maya 2013. Packed with classic animation techniques and the secrets of professional animators, this text provides productivity tips and tricks to help you get things done in the most efficient way possible - and obtain quality results with minimum effort
cena: 154,34
How to Cheat in Maya 2013
 Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design & Web Premium Classroom in a B   9780321822604 0
The official training workbook from Adobe Systems.
cena: 188,81
Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design & Web Premium Classroom in a B
 Anylogic 6 in Three Days Ilya Grigoryev Andrei Borshchev 9780615705675 Anylogic North America
This is the first practical textbook on AnyLogic 6 from AnyLogic developers. AnyLogic is the unique simulation software that supports three simulation modeling methods: system dynamics, discrete event, and agent based modeling and allows you to create multi-method models. This book is based on the 3-day AnyLogic training. The book is structured around four examples: a manufacturing model, a...
cena: 63,09
Anylogic 6 in Three Days
 How to Cheat in Photoshop CS6 Steve Caplin 9780240525921 0
When you're short on time with crunching deadlines - but there's no way you can sacrifice quality - this book comes to the rescue. Cutting through the grind with on-the-job techniques and shortcuts guaranteed to show you how to work faster, this guide to Photoshop demonstrates how you can take your skills to the next level.
cena: 170,99
How to Cheat in Photoshop CS6
 Video Nation   9780321832870 0
Subtitle on cover: A DIY guide to planning, shooting, and sharing great video from USA Today's talking tech host.
cena: 108,28
Video Nation
 Adobe Photoshop Elements 11   9780321898364 0
cena: 182,40
Adobe Photoshop Elements 11
 Computer Animation Rick Parent 9780124158429 0

Driven by demand from the entertainment industry for better and more realistic animation, technology continues to evolve and improve. The algorithms and techniques behind this technology are the foundation of this comprehensive book, which is written to teachyou the fundamentals of animation programming.

In this third edition, the most current techniques are covered along with the theory...

cena: 245,11
Computer Animation
 Illustrator Foundations Rafiq Elmansy 9780240525938 0
Whether you are creating a catchy and fun cartoon, designing a print banner advertisement, or developing content for a mobile game, save time and money with expert techniques, trips and tricks from by Adobe Certified Expert, Rafiq Elmansy with Illustrator Foundations.
cena: 137,17
Illustrator Foundations
 Getting Started in 3D with Maya Adam Watkins 9780240820422 0

Deliver professional-level 3D content in no time with this comprehensive guide to 3D animation with Maya. With over 12 years of training experience, plus several award winning students under his belt, author Adam Watkins is the ideal mentor to get you up to speed with 3D in Maya.

Using a structured and pragmatic approach Getting Started in 3D with Maya begins with basic theory of...

cena: 188,10
Getting Started in 3D with Maya
 Video in Photoshop for Photographers and Designers Richard Harrington 9780321834560 0
Adobe has raised the bar for its Photoshop users now allowing them to edit and enhance video in Photoshop CS6. Here to help readers on the ins-and-outs of the new interface, dedicated feature set, and workflow is Harrington's latest guide to this powerhouse program.
cena: 154,48
Video in Photoshop for Photographers and Designers
 Real World InDesign CS6 Olav Kvern 9780321834614 PEACHPIT PRESS
Sharpen your InDesign skills with this definitive resource created specifically for design professionals who need to layout out, proof, export, and publish pages with Adobe InDesign CS6. Complete coverage of InDesign CS6's new features and enhancements includes: Liquid Layouts and creating alternate layouts, copying and linking objects with the Content Collector (Conveyor) tool, creating Acrobat...
cena: 205,98
Real World InDesign CS6
 100 Principles of Game Design Wendy Despain 9780321902498 0
cena: 222,31
100 Principles of Game Design
 Set the Action! Creating Backgrounds for Compelling Storytel Elvin Hernandez 9780240820538 0
If you're in the habit of creating disembodied characters or adding backgrounds as an afterthought, 'Set the Action ' will help you understand and utilise the importance of the setting in your narrative.
cena: 107,97
Set the Action! Creating Backgrounds for Compelling Storytel
 Functional Art Alberto Cairo 9780321834737 0
Unlike any time before in our lives, we have access to vast amounts of free information. With the right tools, we can start to make sense of all this data to see patterns and trends that would otherwise be invisible to us. By transforming numbers into graphical shapes, we allow readers to understand the stories those numbers hide. In this practical introduction to understanding and using...
cena: 154,48
Functional Art
 DSLR Filmmaker's Handbook Barry Anderson 9780470876602 0
Most of today's DSLR's have the ability to shoot HD video, yet many digital camera owners either don't know how to use the video feature or don't know how to maximize the camera's potential. This is a hands-on guide to getting the most from your DSLR's video capabilities.
cena: 171,64
DSLR Filmmaker's Handbook
 Photographing Waterdrops: Exploring Macro Worlds with Harold Davis Harold Davis 9780240820729 Focal Press
Capturing the fleeting, dynamic world contained within the tiniest of water droplets is one of the most challenging photographic endeavors. In this guide packed with creative inspiration alongside technical expertise, an award-winning photographer shows you how he creates his stunning water drop images.
cena: 108,28
Photographing Waterdrops: Exploring Macro Worlds with Harold Davis
 Introduction to AutoCAD 2013: A Modern Perspective Dr Paul Richard Paul Richard 9780132954754 Pearson Educacion
INTRODUCTION TO AUTOCAD 2013: A MODERN PERSPECTIVE addresses advances in technology and introduces students to 2- dimensional drawing skills and commands using the current release of AutoCAD. It continuously builds on concepts covered in previous chapters, contains exercises combined with in-text notes, and offers examples that provide the how and why of AutoCAD fundamentals. Projects are...
cena: 427,56
Introduction to AutoCAD 2013: A Modern Perspective
 Adobe InDesign CS6 with MyGraphicsLab Access Code Peachpit Press 9780133089899 Peachpit Press
"In order to use MyGraphicsLab, you will need a CourseID provided by your instructor; MyGraphicsLab is not a self-study product and does require you to be in an instructor-led course. Customers without a CourseID will not be able to use MyGraphicsLab.
Product DescriptionFull of ready-made projects, presentations, and videos, MyGraphicsLab is a powerful companion website that puts skill-...
cena: 319,61
Adobe InDesign CS6 with MyGraphicsLab Access Code
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