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Grafika komputerowa


Over the last decade, digital photography has entered the mainstream with inexpensive, miniaturized cameras for consumer use. Digital projection is poised to make a similar breakthrough. In particular, low-cost homemade 3D scanners are now within reach. This book gives beginners the necessary mathematics, software, and practical details to leverage projector-camera systems in their own 3D...

cena: 183,74
3D Photography
 3D Animation for the Raw Beginner Using Maya Roger King 9781439852644 CRC Press

Each chapter of 3D Animation for the Raw Beginner Using Maya introduces critical aspects of the 3D animation process and presents clear and concise tutorials that link key concepts to practical Autodesk(r) Maya(r) techniques. Providing a principles-based, yet pragmatic, approach to 3D animation, this first-of-its-kind book:

  • Describes the process for creating animated projects in a...
cena: 223,94
3D Animation for the Raw Beginner Using Maya
 Developing Quality Technical Information: A Handbook for Writers and Editors Michelle Carey Moira McFadden Lanyi Deirdre Longo 9780133118971 IBM Press
This technical writing guide includes visuals, before and after examples, and checklists straight from IBM. It shows the writer what to do, with many examples that can be incorporated into their documentation.
cena: 186,28
Developing Quality Technical Information: A Handbook for Writers and Editors
 CAD for the Workshop Neill Hughes 9781847975669 Crowood Press (UK)
cena: 86,10
CAD for the Workshop
 Game Design Workshop, Third Edition Tracy Jeanne Fullerton 9781482217162 AK Peters

Create the Digital Games You Love to Play

Discover an exercise-driven, non-technical approach to game design without the need for programming or artistic expertise using Game Design Workshop, Third Edition.

Author Tracy Fullerton demystifies the creative process with a clear and accessible analysis of the formal and dramatic systems of game design. Examples of popular games,...

cena: 250,81
Game Design Workshop, Third Edition
 A Fresh Look at Generalized Sampling Diego Nehab Hugues Hoppe 9781601987280 Now Publishers
Discretization and reconstruction are fundamental operations in computer graphics, enabling the conversion between sampled and continuous representations. Major advances in signal processing research have shown that such operations can often be performed more efficiently by decomposing a filter into two parts: a compactly-supported continuous-domain function and a digital filter. This strategy of...
cena: 372,65
A Fresh Look at Generalized Sampling
 The Black Art of Multiplatform Game Programming Jazon Yamamoto 9781305110380 Cengage Learning
THE BLACK ART OF MULTIPLATFORM GAME PROGRAMMING covers all the skills necessary to create amazing games. It will take you all the way from pixel plotting to full-blown game development. Written with beginners in mind, this book assumes no prior knowledge of game programming--anyone can learn how to program exciting video games using this book. Inside you'll find an introduction to game...
cena: 114,82
The Black Art of Multiplatform Game Programming
 Fusion in Computer Vision: Understanding Complex Visual Content Bogdan Ionescu Jenny Benois-Pineau Tomas Piatrik 9783319056951 Springer
This book presents a thorough overview of fusion in computer vision, from an interdisciplinary and multi-application viewpoint, describing successful approaches, evaluated in the context of international benchmarks that model realistic use cases. Features: examines late fusion approaches for concept recognition in images and videos; describes the interpretation of visual content by incorporating...
cena: 439,38
Fusion in Computer Vision: Understanding Complex Visual Content
 Computer Animation 91 Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann Daniel Thalmann 9784431668923 Springer
This book contains invited papers and a selection of research papers submitted to Computer Animation '91, the third international work shop on Computer Animation, which was held in Geneva on May 22-24. This workshop, now an annual event, has been organized by the Computer Graphics Society, the University of Geneva, and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne. During the...
cena: 357,80
Computer Animation 91
 Computer Vision and Machine Learning with Rgb-D Sensors Ling Shao Jungong Han Pushmeet Kohli 9783319086507 Springer
This book presents an interdisciplinary selection of cutting-edge research on RGB-D based computer vision. Features: discusses the calibration of color and depth cameras, the reduction of noise on depth maps and methods for capturing human performance in 3D; reviews a selection of applications which use RGB-D information to reconstruct human figures, evaluate energy consumption and obtain...
cena: 576,86
Computer Vision and Machine Learning with Rgb-D Sensors
 Three.Js Essentials Jos Dirksen   9781783980864 Packt Publishing
cena: 163,92
Three.Js Essentials
 Construct 2 Game Development by Example John Bura   9781849698061 Packt Publishing
"This book uses practical examples to teach readers, and imparts the key skills and techniques of working in Construct 2 through building complete game projects. This book is for complete beginners who have always wanted to learn how to make games and have never tried. It is the perfect introduction to game development, design, and production."
cena: 223,53
Construct 2 Game Development by Example
 Android Apps for Absolute Beginners Wallace Jackson   9781484200209 Apress

Anybody can start building multimedia apps for the Android platform, and this book will show you how Now updated to include both Android 4.4 and the new Android 5.0, Android Apps for Absolute Beginners, Third Edition takes you through the process of getting your first Android apps up and running using plain English and practical examples.

This book cuts through the fog of jargon and mystery...

cena: 151,86
Android Apps for Absolute Beginners
Start building your 3D model today with a comprehensive guide to SketchUp 2014

"SketchUp 2014" "For Dummies" is a user-friendly guide to creating 3D models, adding textures, creating animated walkthroughs, and more, using one of the most popular 3D modeling programs on the market. Fully updated to align with the release of SketchUp, the book guides you through the interface, tools, techniques,...

cena: 106,44
Skup "X" for Dummies
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