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Grafika komputerowa

 Video in Photoshop for Photographers and Designers Richard Harrington 9780321834560 0
Adobe has raised the bar for its Photoshop users now allowing them to edit and enhance video in Photoshop CS6. Here to help readers on the ins-and-outs of the new interface, dedicated feature set, and workflow is Harrington's latest guide to this powerhouse program.
cena: 149,75
Video in Photoshop for Photographers and Designers
 Set the Action! Creating Backgrounds for Compelling Storytel Elvin Hernandez 9780240820538 0

Create the Gotham for your Batman, the African savannah for your Simba, or the bustling newsroom for your Clark Kent. Background, setting, environment.whatever you call it, it is the silent character in the visual story, and a dynamic and compelling setting can define and hone the action and drama of your story. If you're in the habit of creating disembodied characters or adding backgrounds as...

cena: 106,88
Set the Action! Creating Backgrounds for Compelling Storytel
 Real World InDesign CS6 Olav Kvern 9780321834614 PEACHPIT PRESS
Sharpen your InDesign skills with this definitive resource created specifically for design professionals who need to layout out, proof, export, and publish pages with Adobe InDesign CS6. Complete coverage of InDesign CS6's new features and enhancements includes: Liquid Layouts and creating alternate layouts, copying and linking objects with the Content Collector (Conveyor) tool, creating Acrobat...
cena: 199,68
Real World InDesign CS6
 100 Principles of Game Design Wendy Despain 9780321902498 0
cena: 219,44
100 Principles of Game Design
 Introduction to Data Acquisition with LabVIEW Robert H. King 9780073385877 McGraw-Hill Science/Engineering/Math
LabView is a powerful graphical programming environment that abstracts tedious low-level interface, syntax, and formatting tasks allowing users to focus on higher level goals. This title teaches students how to measure physical properties with this computer based instrumentation system.
cena: 405,16
Introduction to Data Acquisition with LabVIEW
 CATIA Core Tools: Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interacti Michel Michaud 9780071700269 0
This unique resource provides solid fundamental knowledge of CATIA for mechanical engineers and allows them to select appropriate specialty tools to download.
cena: 292,60
CATIA Core Tools: Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interacti
 Animator's Eye Francis Glebas 9780240817248 0

Enhance your animated features and shorts with this polished guide to channeling your vision and imagination from a former Disney animator and director. Learn how to become a strong visual storyteller through better use of color, volume, shape, shadow, and light - as well as discover how to tap into your imagination and refine your own personal vision. Francis Glebas, the director of Piglet's...

cena: 123,76
Animator's Eye
 HTML5 Matthew David 9780240820767 0

Implement the powerful multimedia and interactive capabilities offered by HTML5, including style control tools, illustration tools, video, audio, and rich media solutions. Understand how HTML5 is changing the web development game with this project-based book that shows you-not just tells you-what HTML5 can do for your websites. Reinforce your practical understanding of the new standard with...

cena: 140,65
 Functional Art Alberto Cairo 9780321834737 0
Unlike any time before in our lives, we have access to vast amounts of free information. With the right tools, we can start to make sense of all this data to see patterns and trends that would otherwise be invisible to us. By transforming numbers into graphical shapes, we allow readers to understand the stories those numbers hide. In this practical introduction to understanding and using...
cena: 149,75
Functional Art
 CorelDRAW X6 The Official Guide Gary David Bouton 9780071790079 0
The only official guide to CorelDRAW--fully updated throughout to cover all the new features of the latest release

"CorelDRAW X The Official Guide" is the one-stop tutorial/reference for learning how to create gorgeous graphics for a variety of print and web uses. Veteran graphic designer and author Gary Bouton shows you how to use the new product features, and shows off beautiful graphics and...

cena: 166,43
CorelDRAW X6 The Official Guide
 Graphic Design History Johanna Drucker 9780205219469 0
cena: 438,65
Graphic Design History
 Learning CSS3 Animations & Transitions Alexis Goldstein 9780321839602 0
Leading web development trainer Alexis Goldstein covers everything web developers need to know, teaching through solid examples that help web professionals build their skills one step at a time.
cena: 133,11
Learning CSS3 Animations & Transitions
 Discovering AutoCAD 2013 Mark Dix Paul Riley 9780132958561 Prentice Hall
cena: 489,55
Discovering AutoCAD 2013
 Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer: Electronics Projects for Hobbyists Simon Taylor 9780071797955 0
Turn your flashes of creativity into first-rate gadgets

Covers Gadgeteer for Micro Framework 4.1 and 4.2

Realize your inner innovator and rapidly build breathtaking electronic devices with Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer. By working through easy-to-follow, practical projects, you'll discover how to design, assemble, and prototype your own gadgets--all without ever lifting a soldering iron. Learn...

cena: 83,21
Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer: Electronics Projects for Hobbyists
 After Effects Apprentice Chris Meyer 9780240817361 0

Whether you re new to After Effects and want to get up to speed quickly, or already a user who needs to become familiar with the new features, After Effects Apprentice was created for you. With 11 core lessons plus a final project that pulls it all together, you ll learn how to tap this program s vast potential whether you create motion graphics for network television, corporate...

cena: 174,42
After Effects Apprentice
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