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 Where Do Camels Belong? Ken Thompson 9781781251751 PROFILE BOOKS
Where do camels belong? In the Arab world may seem the obvious answer, but they are relative newcomers there. They evolved in North America, retain their greatest diversity in South America, and the only remaining wild dromedaries are in Australia. This is a classic example of the contradictions of 'native' and 'invasive' species, a hot issue right now, as the flip-side of biodiversity. We have...
cena: 57,87
Where Do Camels Belong?
 Moth Snowstorm Michael McCarthy 9781444792775 JOHN MURRAY PUBLISHERS
A great, rhapsodic, urgent book full of joy, grief, rage and love ...A must-read' Helen Macdonald, author of H is for Hawk Nature has many gifts for us, but perhaps the greatest of them all is joy; the intense delight we can take in the natural world, in its beauty, in the wonder it can offer us, in the peace it can provide - feelings stemming ultimately from our own unbreakable links to nature,...
cena: 128,73
Moth Snowstorm
 The Good, the Bad, and the Furry: Life with the World's Most Melancholy Cat Tom Cox 9781250063243 Thomas Dunne Books

Humorous and endearing, "The Good, the Bad and the Furry" is a heartwarming memoir about a man at the mercy of his unpredictable, demanding and endlessly lovable cats.

Meet The Bear--a cat who carries the weight of the world on his furry shoulders, and whose wise, owl-like eyes seem to ask, Can you tell me why I am a cat please? Like many intellectuals, The Bear would prefer a life of quiet...

cena: 103,05
The Good, the Bad, and the Furry: Life with the World's Most Melancholy Cat
 Cats Andrews McMeel Publishing 9781449465056 Andrews McMeel Publishing
Whether they're quiet, cuddly, playful, or mischievous, cats are great companions.
Each full-color page of this calendar features an adorable image of a cat or a charming quote about these lovable pets. It's perfect for anyone whose favorite friends are felines.
cena: 40,38
 Penny Possible Sally Rose 9781507531594 Createspace
Thank you for buying this book. It is based on the true story of Penny aka Raindance's Angel By My Side. At Penny's request, profits from the sale of Penny Possible will be donated to Warrior Canine Connection, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Brookeville, Maryland, USA. Warrior Canine Connection is a pioneering organization that utilizes clinically based canine connection therapy to...
cena: 56,07
Penny Possible
 Taming the Flood Jeremy Purseglove 9780008129354 HARPER COLLINS PUBLISHERS
In 2014 the Somerset Levels suffered from the worst flooding in over twenty years. Inevitably the residents asked for more drainage, more dredging and more money. This timely new edition of the acclaimed classic brings the story up-to-date as we wait for the winter floods to return, offering a blueprint for solving flooding forever. As a practical landscape architect working in the water...
cena: 160,92
Taming the Flood
 Tino Encontro La Felicidad MR Mito Bessalel 9781503206410 Createspace
Fue un dia triste cuando me sacaron de mi cuna y me llevaron a una casa vieja. Me encerraron en una jaula y me dejaron solo en una pieza del sotano. Despues de dos dias me llevaron a vivir con una pareja. Un dia, Timito, el hijo estaba llorando porque no queria ir a la escuela, decia que tenia miedo de estar solo. Comprendi a mi patroncito, porque yo tambien tuve miedo. Espere por muchas horas,...
cena: 24,20
Tino Encontro La Felicidad
 How to Pick the Perfect Puppy: With Early Puppy Care and Puppy Training Linda Whitwam 9781500423469 Createspace

This book is an absolute must for anyone thinking of getting a puppy. Canine author Linda Whitwam provides a step-by-step guide to selecting the one unique puppy most likely to fit in with you and your family.
This latest book in the acclaimed Canine Handbook series steers anyone thinking of getting a puppy or rescue dog around the many pitfalls and arms them with the expert knowledge to...

cena: 51,73
How to Pick the Perfect Puppy: With Early Puppy Care and Puppy Training
 The Hamster Handbook Patricia Bartlett 9781438004891 Barron's Educational Series
Titles in Barron's popular series of "Pet Handbooks" present comprehensive information and helpful advice from breeders, veterinarians, and other pet experts. These full-color books instruct on housing, feeding, healthcare, and more. In "The Hamster Handbook," hamster lovers will find advice for both children and adults to help keep a hamster active and healthy.
cena: 53,56
The Hamster Handbook
 Samoyed Journal Diary (Notebook) Sam Hub 9781508628200 Createspace
cena: 25,94
Samoyed Journal Diary (Notebook)
 Bunnies Journal Diary (Notebook) Sam Hub 9781508696216 Createspace
The cover design of this enchanting Diary that features Bunnies. Pages provide space for creative writing, personal reflection, sketching, or jotting down quotations or poems.
cena: 25,94
Bunnies Journal Diary (Notebook)
 A Dog's Gift: The Inspirational Story of Veterans and Children Healed by Man's Best Friend Bob Drury 9781623361013 Rodale Press

A decade ago, former military counterintelligence officer Terry Henry joined his precocious young daughter, Kyria, on a trip to a nursing home in order to allow its residents to play with their family dog, a golden retriever named riley. Terry was astounded by the transformations that unfolded before his eyes. Soon after, Terry and Kyria started their service dog organization, paws4people,...

cena: 103,05
A Dog's Gift: The Inspirational Story of Veterans and Children Healed by Man's Best Friend
 Sled Dog Gun J. T. Bryde 9781784552275 Austin & Macauley Publishers
cena: 57,87
Sled Dog Gun
 My Arabian Horse Address Book Alice E. Tidwell Mrs Alice E. Tidwell 9781508793168 Createspace
If you love the Arabian horse breeds, you know they are the ultimate horse and you are a true horse lover
cena: 25,94
My Arabian Horse Address Book
The fourth edition of this popular textbook provides a comprehensive account of how to successfully breed horses. Updated throughout, the new edition will cover techniques such as cloning, intra-cytoplasmic sperm injections (ICSI), in vitro fertilization (IVF) and related reproductive technology that is currently being developed. The book also looks at reproductive anatomy, endocrine control and...
cena: 808,50
Equine Reproductive Physiology, Breeding and Stud Management
 Fur Baby's Keepsake Book B&w Elizabeth Parker 9781312373785 Lulu.com
cena: 132,48
Fur Baby's Keepsake Book B&w
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