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 Beloved Dog Maira Kalman 9781594205941 Penguin Press
"Maira Kalman, with wit and great sensitivity, reveals why dogs bring out the best in us"

Maira Kalman + Dogs = Bliss

Dogs have lessons for us all. In" Beloved Dog," renowned artist and author Maira Kalman illuminates our cherished companions as only she can. From the dogs lovingly illustrated in her acclaimed children s books to the real-life pets who inspire her still, Kalman s...

cena: 127,98
Beloved Dog
 Quartz and Feldspar Matthew Kelly 9780224091138 JONATHAN CAPE
Granite, a tough composite of quartz, feldspar and mica, is the stuff of Dartmoor, the most formidable of the five granite bosses punctuating Britain's southwest peninsula. A miserable place of rain and bog or a sunny upland of exquisite natural beauty, here the elements are raw, the sky huge and nature seems ascendant. But it is no less a place made by human beings. Stone circles, stone crosses,...
cena: 155,30
Quartz and Feldspar
 Shih Tzus Calendar Willow Creek Press 9781623437992 Willow Creek Press
cena: 64,06
Shih Tzus Calendar
 What Kittens Teach Calendar Willow Creek Press 9781623438296 Willow Creek Press
cena: 64,06
What Kittens Teach Calendar
 Cat Walk Jackie Morris 9781909823273 Graffeg
A beautiful exploration in photographs of the walks the author takes with her cats along their local Pembrokeshire coast
"It s about walking, but not really covering distance. The same paths are travelled, but each time the light, the season, the thoughts inside make it different. It does have something to do with the character of cats, but also to do with writing, looking, seeing, being in...
cena: 62,06
Cat Walk
 Le Chat de Race Et Son Histoire Didier Hallepee 9781508899617 Createspace
Avec l'invention de l'agriculture, l'homme quitte l'etat nomade pour devenir sedentaire. Mais en meme temps, il attire les rongeurs et avec eux les chats. C'est avec l'invention du silo a grains que commence la domestication du chat en Egypte, il y a environ 4 000 ans. Lasse de son statut de divinite, le mau egyptien a quitte les terres de ses ancetres pour conquerir le monde. Chats des rues et...
cena: 269,22
Le Chat de Race Et Son Histoire
 Paws to Reflect: A Cats Blank Address Book Alice E. Tidwell Mrs Alice E. Tidwell 9781508987154 Createspace
This cute address book will bring a smile to any cat lover. Each page contains four addresses with two pages per letter. In addition to the normal address fields, it also has blanks for email and birthdays.
cena: 26,88
Paws to Reflect: A Cats Blank Address Book
 Chow Chows Calendar Willow Creek Press 9781623436629 Willow Creek Press
cena: 64,06
Chow Chows Calendar
 @Mysadcat Christmas Cards: 10 Cards and Envelopes Tom Cox 9781909823457 Graffeg
My cat is sad because he comes from the land of the ice and snow, from the midnight sun where the hot springs flow"
My Sad Cat "is a Twitter phenomenon following the daily challenges of The Bear, a 19 year old philosopher, poet, musician, and environmentalist trapped in the body of a cat. Share The Bear's Christmas thoughts, including dealing with solo parties and unopened gifts, in this...
cena: 62,06
@Mysadcat Christmas Cards: 10 Cards and Envelopes
 We Are All Different: And We Are All Right Elisabeth Norman Gardner 9781504908177 Authorhouse
We Are ALL Different combines my love of children and pets into a real-life look at bullying. I use my own animals, as well as those of friends, to explain to children just how much bullying hurts. Even something that seems harmless, like laughing at someone's freckles, is portrayed as the real pain that is felt when my Dalmatian is shown hiding her face in embarrassment and hurt. Several of the...
cena: 98,67
We Are All Different: And We Are All Right
 Puppy Training James J. Jackson 9781329022768 Lulu.com
cena: 190,24
Puppy Training
 Brittlebush Em Portugues: Perspectivas de Vida Atraves DOS Olhos de Nosso Cavalo Claudia Barros 9781511725248 Createspace
Uma historia sentimental sobre familia, amor, vida e esperancas. Apresentando uma variedade de animais e lindas fotografias. Irao conhecer o cavalo Dunny, Kayla o cao Eskimo e outros animais na historia. E uma historia que se le facilmente ... enquanto que as fotografias aumentam o seu prazer. Leia a historia uma primeira vez ... e de novo pelos temas em nossas vidas. Compartilhe com sua familia...
cena: 62,59
Brittlebush Em Portugues: Perspectivas de Vida Atraves DOS Olhos de Nosso Cavalo
 Yorkshire Dales John Lee 9780007503698 HARPER COLLINS PUBLISHERS

A definitive natural history of the Yorkshire Dales, covering the range of wildlife habitats, rich cultural heritage and ecological history of one of our best-loved National Parks.

The Yorkshire Dales National Park is a special place: its outstanding scenery and the diversity of habitats is perhaps unrivalled in any other National Park in Britain. This rich biodiversity has provided a great...

cena: 372,71
Yorkshire Dales
 Grasses and Grazers of Botswana Veronica Roodt 9781775841159 Random House Struik
An accessible reference to the grasses and grazers of this region, Veronica Roodt s book details the fascinating ways in which these plants and animals have evolved together. The book addresses: the role of grasses in the food chain grass anatomy and growth 98 grass species (includes sketches and photographs of each species) that are preferred livestock and wild game fodder and that serve as...
cena: 124,17
Grasses and Grazers of Botswana
 Dog Adoption and Training System: The Dog Adoption and Training System Is Brand New Training Course Created by Dog Experts for Dog Lovers. Collins West 9781512205039 Createspace
The dog training system is brand new training course created by dog experts for dog lovers. This book have been carefully created by dog experts from around the world including an expert veterinary technician, a professional dog trainer, a well-known professional breeder, a popular show dog trainer, an animal rescuer and some enthusiastic pet parents.
cena: 67,31
Dog Adoption and Training System: The Dog Adoption and Training System Is Brand New Training Course Created by Dog Experts for Dog Lovers.
 Pickle's Peepers Cb Simmons Nancy J. Simmons 9781503266797 Createspace
"Pickle's Peepers" tells the story of a little girl and her parakeet who is a disastrous flier. What could be wrong? Follow along as Mindi solves the problem.
cena: 42,63
Pickle's Peepers
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