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 Quiero Cruzar a Mi Perro David Avi David Avi 9781530428991 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Este es el manual de referencia mas valorado para resolver dudas sobre el apareamiento de tu perro. En este libro descubriras: 1.Introduccion 2.El celo 3.La reproduccion 4.Metodos anticonceptivos 5.Interrupcion de la gestacion 6.Infertilidad 7.Otros cursos de cuidadores caninos"
cena: 94,72
Quiero Cruzar a Mi Perro
 Priceless Penny Lauren Kramer-Theuerkauf James Sell 9780996224703 Theuerkauf's Tails, LLC
Priceless Penny chronicles one dog's amazing journey from lonely stray to pampered pooch. Penny was abandoned by her previous owners and left to roam the streets of California alone. Soon, she was taken to a local high kill shelter. Penny's life was in great danger as her deformities made her undesirable in the eyes of would-be adopters. Will Penny find someone who loves her just the way that she...
cena: 63,69
Priceless Penny
 Goodnight MR Gorilla Coloring Book Individuality Books                      Rita Gomes 9781530451517 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Goodnight Mr Gorilla by Individuality Books
Now here's a fun story for your kids to color in- Goodnight Mr Gorilla Coloring Book. It is a great way to introduce your kids to the wonderful world of Mr Gorilla and all his friends Your kids are invited to come inside, admire, play with and color in these animal designs.
With this Goodnight Mr Gorilla Coloring...
cena: 41,72
Goodnight MR Gorilla Coloring Book
 Realistic Animals Vol. 4 - Dogs and Puppies: A Stress Management Coloring Book for Adults Penny Farthin 9781530630806 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
The Perfect Coloring Book For Dog Lovers
Inside are 50 professional-quality grey scale images of the cutest dogs and puppies you have ever seen
This book is perfect for dog loving colorists that want to use colored pencils and shading techniques.
They have been hand-processed using high-end computers, state-of-the-art software and our proprietary processing techniques to bring you...
cena: 45,97
Realistic Animals Vol. 4 - Dogs and Puppies: A Stress Management Coloring Book for Adults
 Bandi's Bodacious Road Trip Luis Santiago Jr Tami L. Santiago Trouble Blue Bandicoot 9781364716592 Blurb
An Australian Cattledog takes a rod trip to Minnesota for a national agility trial. She stops at various landmarks on the way there and back, and keeps a secret diary and photos. We discovered it and decided to share. A children's level book, but fun for all. Designed for use with our dog during therapy visits .
cena: 95,51
Bandi's Bodacious Road Trip
 Caring for Your Dog MR Nishant K. Baxi 9781530936823 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 41,76
Caring for Your Dog
 A Naturalist's Guide to the Birds of Australia Dean Ingwersen 9781909612488 John Beaufoy Publishing Ltd

This easy-to-use identification guide to 280 bird species in Australia, including the most commonly seen and rare endemic species, is perfect for Australians and visitors alike. High quality photographs from one of Australia s top nature photographers are accompanied by detailed species descriptions, which include nomenclature, size, distribution, habits and habitat. The user-friendly...

cena: 67,87
A Naturalist's Guide to the Birds of Australia
 Dog Love Ann DeVito 9780143107835 Penguin Books
A beautiful and engaging collection of artwork and visual typography that explores the delightful diversity of dogs
From Schnauzers to Chihuahuas, Mastiffs to Maltipoos, crime-sniffing Blood Hounds to chic Bichons, dogs have charmed humans across the world for centuries with their lovable quirks and appealing personalities. In "Dog Love," Ann DeVito brings man s best friend to life with a...
cena: 82,28
Dog Love
 Test Your Dog's IQ Genius Edition: Confirm Your Dog's Undiscovered Genius! Rachel Federman Chuck Gonzales 9781510704862 Skyhorse Publishing
You know your dog can sit, fetch, and roll over, but can he respond to fetch commands in multiple languages? What about rolling dice? Help you play Sudoku? Recognize Mozart? From the author of "Test Your Dog s IQ Genius Edition" comes a brand-new spin on how to recognize your pet s potentialonly this time it s not finding out how good of a pet your dog could be, but instead if he could tackle the...
cena: 61,13
Test Your Dog's IQ Genius Edition: Confirm Your Dog's Undiscovered Genius!
 Cat Lover's Notebook Beryl Cook 9780711237384 Frances Lincoln

Beryl Cook began to paint during the 1960s and became a local phenomenon in Cornwall, England where she lived with her family, but it wasn't until 1975 that she first exhibited her work. Her appeal was classless and she rapidly became Britain's most popular artist. She was a 'heart and soul' painter, compelled to paint with a passion. Her work became instantly recognisable and was soon a part...

cena: 67,87
Cat Lover's Notebook
 Giant Steps: A True Story from Africa, of Survival and Triumph in the Face of Cruelty Richard Peirce 9781775843306 Random House Struik
Elephants have long been targeted by humans: not only are they killed for their ivory, buttheir extraordinary strength, intelligence and charisma have seen some of them captured, chained and effectively jailed for life.Bully and Induna are two African elephants, both orphaned in organized cullingoperations and destined for lives in captivity. Growing up far apart and quite differently, Bully (a...
cena: 61,71
Giant Steps: A True Story from Africa, of Survival and Triumph in the Face of Cruelty
 Backyard Chickens - Keeping Chickens Donna Racheal 9781320168304 Blurb
Why Keep Chickens? Because they're great Beautifully illustrated in full-colour photographs, this book covers the benefits of having chickens, how to choose the right breed, what to feed and their housing requirements. Plus the importance of the health and wellbeing of your chickens, including information on common pests and diseases. Keeping chickens in the backyard has lots of benefits and...
cena: 125,55
Backyard Chickens - Keeping Chickens
 Golden Retrievers: A Practical Guide for Owners and Breeders Elana Rose 9781785000379 Crowood Press (UK)
Books in the A Practical Guide for Owners and Breeders series explore in detail all aspects of owning and caring for individual breeds of dog. Written in an accessible style, this book focuses on providing practical information about caring for your Golden Retriever, and will be an essential resource for all dog owners and professionals. Topics covered include breed standard; choosing a puppy or...
cena: 129,27
Golden Retrievers: A Practical Guide for Owners and Breeders
 Gods of the Morning John Lister Kaye 9781782114178 CANONGATE BOOKS
cena: 67,87
Gods of the Morning
 Our Family Surprise Patrick Watters 9781522936190 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
George spies on his parents, while they have a surprise for George and his sister, Joelle. They were both shocked to learn of the surprise. But if it wasn't a surprise, what could it be? The weather was hot, sunny with no chance of rain. What a perfect summer day.
cena: 37,28
Our Family Surprise
 Do Birds Have Knees? Stephen Moss 9781472932358 Bloomsbury Publishing
cena: 86,36
Do Birds Have Knees?
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