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 North American Bird Guide David Sibley 9781472909275 Bloomsbury Publishing
This second edition offers massively expanded and updated information, new artwork, new and rare species, and a new elegant design. There are hundreds of new paintings and all previously used art has been re-digitised following much modification by David Sibley to reflect the latest information; in addition, there are new maps throughout.
cena: 150,77
North American Bird Guide
 Sea Around Us Rachel Carson 9781906509651 Unicorn Press
'The Sea Around Us' presents an overview of the subject, a natural history of the oceans in which Rachel Carson discusses such matters as their origins, the evolution of life, the creation of volcanic islands.
cena: 86,10
Sea Around Us
 Sweet Pea: The Homeless Dog Who Could Not Be Caught Karen Scott 9781458212948 Abbott Press
If you have the eyes and heart to see, you've seen the suffering before. Karen Scott, an animal lover, shares her experiences with Sweet Pea, a homeless, feral mother dog in her neighborhood who caught her eye and captured her heart. The quest to gain this wounded soul's trust proved to be one of the best learning experiences of Karen's life. Sweet Pea's full past and story will never be known,...
cena: 71,59
Sweet Pea: The Homeless Dog Who Could Not Be Caught
 Cats in Sweaters Calendar Race Point Publishing 9781937994914 Race Point Publishing
Cats in sweaters. Is there anything cuter in the world? Both cat lovers and crafting enthusiasts will enjoy this 16-month calendar for 2015. Filled with some of the most entertaining feline photographs, this calendar shows us why cats are often considered the most beautiful and enjoyable animals to have as pets. Whether it's January or July, these cats flaunt their tiny sweaters for your personal...
cena: 53,20
Cats in Sweaters Calendar
 Riding Horseback in Purple: Re-Awakening the Dream of Owning a Horse Alice E. Macgillivray 9780993615108 Alice Macgillivray
Riding Horseback in Purple has been described as a "MUST read for ANYONE considering buying a horse," by horsewoman Patti Jo Walter, "well-researched and perfect for the beginner equestrian," by dressage coach and judge Deborah Fox, and a "journey chronicled with insight, wisdom and humor," by trainer Lori Albrough. Author and horseman Dr. Allan Hamilton says it "should become the bible for those...
cena: 70,80
Riding Horseback in Purple: Re-Awakening the Dream of Owning a Horse
 True Tales: Animal Adventures of an SPCA Inspector Hugh Coghill 9781490823904 WestBow Press

Poking a sleeping tiger with a stick is not always a wise thing to do, but that act, along with rescuing animals from abusive or neglectful owners, is what this book is about. A house full of rabbits running loose, wolves sloshing around in flooded cages at a so-called sanctuary, and people with odd and unusual pets are all stories that the author has encountered during his more than...

cena: 49,51
True Tales: Animal Adventures of an SPCA Inspector
 Petcam: The Art of Dogs, Cats, Cows, and Other Four-Legged Photographers Chris Keeney 9781616892586 Princeton Architectural Press
As close as we are to our beloved pets, we often wonder how they spend their days when we aren't watching. What do they explore? How does the world look from the point of view of our dogs and cats--or our chickens and goats? PetCam, by photographer Chris Keeney, author of Pinhole Cameras, presents a collection of striking and amusing images created by an international roster of four-legged...
cena: 51,64
Petcam: The Art of Dogs, Cats, Cows, and Other Four-Legged Photographers
 Kids & Pets Volume Two Paw-Print Publication 9781484190852 Createspace
Paw-Print Publications Ltd has partnered up with Animals-Remembered Association and they are proud to offer you a platform for your children so that they can help raise funds for animal welfare whilst getting published along the way. What better way to inspire kids to put down their electronic gadgets and get back into real and imaginative writing. Kids will be thrilled to be published at such a...
cena: 55,71
Kids & Pets Volume Two
 Animal Acupressure Illustration the Guinea Pig Deanna S. Smith Julie D. Temple Deanna S. Smith 9781477586297 Createspace
Designed to make acupressure practical and easy to use for your Guinea Pig. With over forty common ailments covered in the easy to follow treatment charts. The tools to make new charts for uncommon ailments are included. Written in common language, with instructions on applying pressure and preparing yourself and your pet for treatments. Location descriptions of acupoints accompany each chart to...
cena: 78,26
Animal Acupressure Illustration the Guinea Pig
 All the Reasons That Dogs Are Way Better Than Cats: A Comprehensive Look at All of the Superior Qualities of Canines Compared to Those of Felines Jeffrey Lee Jeff Slutsky 9781495481901 Createspace
This book is a joke. Literally. It is over 130 "blank" pages because there are NO reasons that Dogs are way better than Cats If you feel the same way, you must buy this book. Proudly display it on your coffee table or on your bookshelf. It makes the perfect gift for your friends who feel that same way you do. It is a very quick read. Recommend it to everyone you know. (More Books By Jeff: http:...
cena: 37,15
All the Reasons That Dogs Are Way Better Than Cats: A Comprehensive Look at All of the Superior Qualities of Canines Compared to Those of Felines
 Urban Peregrines Ed Drewitt 9781907807817 Pelagic Publishing
The first in-depth focus on the lives of Peregrines in towns and cities. In words and stunning photographs, Ed Drewitt reveals the latest information on Peregrine behavior including how they are adapting to, and taking advantage of, the urban environment.
cena: 180,87
Urban Peregrines
 The Butterflies Above My Bed Mya Mia Happy Michael 9781491866337 Authorhouse
A dog's life is more than just tail-wagging, treat-begging and squirrel-chasing. In The Butterflies Above My Bed, Mya Mia Happy Michael (as told to her beloved human companion Samantha Michael), chronicles the joys, frustrations and general puzzlement's of a dog's life. And though a glass window separates Mya's sunny perch inside from the wild, untamed world of the forest into which she gazes...
cena: 74,49
The Butterflies Above My Bed
 2015-Airedale Terriers Willow Creek Press 9781623431877 Willow Creek Press
cena: 53,20
2015-Airedale Terriers
 2015-Boxer Puppies Willow Creek Press 9781623432157 Willow Creek Press
cena: 53,20
2015-Boxer Puppies
 2015-Cowboys Willow Creek Press 9781623432546 Willow Creek Press
cena: 53,20
 2015-Great Danes Willow Creek Press 9781623432850 Willow Creek Press
cena: 53,20
2015-Great Danes
 2015-Maltese Willow Creek Press 9781623433185 Willow Creek Press
cena: 53,20
 2015-Rottweilers Willow Creek Press 9781623433604 Willow Creek Press
cena: 53,20
 2015-What Dogs Teach Us Willow Creek Press 9781623433956 Willow Creek Press
cena: 53,20
2015-What Dogs Teach Us
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