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Gathers a wide range of texts that illustrate the physical structures of ancient city of Rome, the rhythms of its daily life and the interaction between topography, monuments and the people from Rome's earliest days, through its imperial heyday until its transformation into the Western Christian capital.
cena: 136,28
Ancient City of Rome
In this concise introduction to the history of cartography, Norman J. W. Thrower charts the intimate links between maps and history from antiquity to the present day. A wealth of illustrations, including the oldest known map and contemporary examples made using Geographical Information Systems (GIS), illuminate the many ways in which various human cultures have interpreted spatial relationships....
cena: 128,36
Maps and Civilization: Cartography in Culture and Society, Fourth Edition
 Flight By Elephant Andrew Martin 9780007512720 Fourth Estate

The incredible story of Gyles Mackrell and his Burmese, elephant-assisted wartime rescue mission.

In the summer of 1942, Gyles Mackrell a decorated First World War pilot and tea plantation overseer, performed a series of heroic rescues in the hellish jungles of Japanese-occupied Burma with the aid of twenty elephants.

At the age of 53, Mackrell went into the green hell of the Chaukan...

cena: 54,74
Flight By Elephant

The African diaspora is widely recognized as one of the world's major diasporas. Most of the existing studies of it have focused almost exclusively on the Atlantic world, ignoring the other key dimensions of this huge phenomenon. Here, Edward Alpers presents a truly global treatment of this subject where the Atlantic diaspora, including the US and UK, continues to be central, but in which...

cena: 205,17
African Diasporas
This volume provides a unique primary source on the history and philosophy of mathematics and science from the mediaeval Arab world. It also includes extensive commentary from one of world s foremost authorities.
cena: 641,81
Ibn Al-Haytham, Spherical Geometry and Astronomy: A History of Arabic Sciences and Mathematics Volume 5
 The Blood Telegram Gary Jonathan Bass 9780307744623 Vintage Books

Finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in General Nonfiction
Winner of the Lionel Gelber Prize for Best Foreign Affairs Book
One of the Best Books of the Year at * "The Economist" * "Financial Times" * "The New Republic" * "The Washington Post" * "Kirkus Reviews" *
A "New York Times" Notable Book
This magnificent history provides the first full account of Richard Nixon and Henry...

cena: 58,02
The Blood Telegram
 The Children of Henry VIII John Guy 9780198700876 Oxford University Press, USA
Behind the facade of politics and pageantry at the Tudor court, there was a family drama. Nothing drove Henry VIII, England's wealthiest and most powerful king, more than producing a legitimate male heir. He married six wives and fathered four living children, each by a different mother. To tell their stories, John Guy returns to the archives, drawing on a vast array of contemporary records,...
cena: 58,02
The Children of Henry VIII
 One Summer: America, 1927 Bill Bryson 9780767919418 Anchor Books
A "Chicago Tribune" Noteworthy Book
A GoodReads Reader's Choice
The summer of 1927 began with Charles Lindbergh crossing the Atlantic. Meanwhile, Babe Ruth was closing in on the home run record. In Newark, New Jersey, Alvin "Shipwreck" Kelly sat atop a flagpole for twelve days, and in Chicago, the gangster Al Capone was tightening his grip on bootlegging. The first true "talking picture,"...
cena: 58,02
One Summer: America, 1927
 The Complete Cities of Ancient Egypt Steven Snape 9780500051795 Thames & Hudson

Ancient Egyptian cities and towns have until recently been one of the least-studied and least-published aspects of this great ancient civilization. Now, new research and excavation are transforming our knowledge. This is the first book to bring these latest discoveries to a wide audience and to provide a comprehensive overview of what we know about ancient settlement during the dynastic...

cena: 171,15
The Complete Cities of Ancient Egypt
 Germany's Other Modernity: Munich and the Making of Metropolis, 1895 1930 Leif Jerram 9780719095382 Manchester University Press
This book is about what it meant to build a city in Germany at the turn of the twentieth century. It explores the physical spaces and mental attitudes that shaped lives, restructured society and conditioned beliefs about the past and expectations for the future in the crucial German generations that formed the young Reich, fought the Great War and experienced the Weimar Republic.Focusing on...
cena: 96,52
Germany's Other Modernity: Munich and the Making of Metropolis, 1895 1930
 Evil Will Tim Townsend 9780061997198 William Morrow & Company

The gripping story of the American army chaplain sent to save the souls of the Nazis incarcerated at Nuremberg

Lutheran minister Henry Gerecke was fifty years old when he enlisted as an army chaplain during World War II. As two of his three sons faced danger and death on the battlefield, Gerecke tended to the battered bodies and souls of wounded and dying GIs outside London. But at the close...

cena: 99,24
Evil Will
 The Third Coast: When Chicago Built the American Dream Thomas Dyja 9780143125099 Penguin Books
A critically acclaimed history of Chicago at mid-century, featuring many of the incredible personalities that shaped American culture
Before air travel overtook trains, nearly every coast-to-coast journey included a stop in Chicago, and this flow of people and commodities made it the crucible for American culture and innovation. In luminous prose, Chicago native Thomas Dyja re-creates the...
cena: 61,61
The Third Coast: When Chicago Built the American Dream
 Children's War Rosie Kennedy 9780230221758 0
British children were mobilised for total war in 1914-18. War dominated their teaching and school experience, it was the focus of their extra curricular activities and they enjoyed it as a source of entertainment in literature and play. Children were not shielded from the war because it was believed their support was vital for Britain's present and future.
The study of children's lives...
cena: 284,03
Children's War
 Hunting Che: How A U.S. Special Forces Team Helped Capture the World's Most Famous Revolutionary Mitch Weiss Kevin Maurer 9780425257470 Berkley Publishing Group
The hunt for Ernesto "Che" Guevera was one of the first successful U.S. Special Forces missions in history. Using government reports and documents, as well as eyewitness accounts, "Hunting Che" tells the untold story of how the infamous revolutionary was captured--a mission later duplicated in Afghanistan and Iraq.
As one of the architects of the Cuban Revolution, Guevera had become famous...
cena: 54,77
Hunting Che: How A U.S. Special Forces Team Helped Capture the World's Most Famous Revolutionary
 Breaking with the Past  van de Ven 9780231137386 0

Between its founding in 1854 and its collapse in 1952, the Chinese Maritime Customs Service delivered one-third to one-half of all revenue collected by China's central authorities. Much more than a tax collector, the institution managed China's harbors, erected lighthouses, and surveyed the Chinese coast. It funded and oversaw the Translator's College, which trained Chinese diplomats while its...

cena: 195,98
Breaking with the Past
 When Mexicans Could Play Ball: Basketball, Race, and Identity in San Antonio, 1928-1945  9780292753778 University of Texas Press

In 1939, a team of short, scrappy kids from a vocational school established specifically for Mexican Americans became the high school basketball champions of San Antonio, Texas. Their win, and the ensuing riot it caused, took place against a backdrop of shifting and conflicted attitudes toward Mexican Americans and American nationalism in the WWII era. "Only when the Mexicans went from...

cena: 198,82
When Mexicans Could Play Ball: Basketball, Race, and Identity in San Antonio, 1928-1945
 World Civilizations: The Gobal Experience, Combined Volume Plus New Myhistorylab with Pearson Etext -- Access Card Package Peter N. Stearns Michael B. Adas Stuart B. Schwartz 9780133828207 Pearson
ALERT: Before you purchase, check with your instructor or review your course syllabus to ensure that you select the correct ISBN. Several versions of Pearson's MyLab & Mastering products exist for each title, including customized versions for individual schools, and registrations are not transferable. In addition, you may need a CourseID, provided by your instructor, to register for and use...
cena: 873,51
World Civilizations: The Gobal Experience, Combined Volume Plus New Myhistorylab with Pearson Etext -- Access Card Package
 Hoover's Secret War Against Axis Spies: FBI Counterespionage During World War II Raymond J. Batvinis 9780700619528 University Press of Kansas
The world was at war, America precariously poised on the sidelines. But already a second secret war was well underway with the United States very much in the thick of it. While he fought on the home front to consolidate the FBI's intelligence gathering power, J. Edgar Hoover was conducting an all-out campaign to make his agency America's first foreign espionage service--a campaign that would lead...
cena: 150,74
Hoover's Secret War Against Axis Spies: FBI Counterespionage During World War II
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