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Ekonomia i biznes

 Deglobalization: Ideas for a New World Economy Walden Bello 9781783601684 ZED BOOKS LTD
In 2002, years before the financial crash and the onslaught of austerity measures the world over, Walden Bello argued that we were entering a historical maelstrom marked by prolonged economic crisis, the re-emergence of imperialist contradictions and the spread of global resistance. In short, the neoliberal, globalist project was in crisis. A decade later, the question of how to manage the global...
Planowany termin premiery książki: 11-09-2099
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cena: 75,32
Deglobalization: Ideas for a New World Economy
 Not-for-Profit Accounting for Non-Accountants Edward J McMillan 9781118348277 0
Practical financial information nonprofit managers need to manage their money and meet their mission

Due to the current economic climate, nonprofit CEOs have no choice but to pay attention to the numbers, possess a greater understanding of financial statements, and be ready to implement and monitor their budgets. Filled with practical information, Not-for-Profit Accounting for...

cena: 271,95
Not-for-Profit Accounting for Non-Accountants
 Leading Sales Teams Sam Reese 9781118516119 0
A practical guide for sales leaders of all levels and those aspiring to lead sales teams

The most important attribute for today's sales leader is not their ability to sell, but their ability to effectively lead their sales teams. Leading Sales Teams provides practical advice based on what the best companies in the world do to drive sales effectiveness and how their leaders manage...

cena: 107,19
Leading Sales Teams
 WILMOTT's Greatest Hits Paul Wilmott 9781118519479 0

This book celebrates the last 10 years of WILMOTT magazine and features articles carefully selected by Paul Wilmot that are topical and reflect the latest developments in Quantitative Finance. Paul Wilmott introduces key subject areas and sections and places them in context.

The book includes introductions by Paul Wilmott as well as photo's and bio's of the regular contributors. An...

cena: 511,04
WILMOTT's Greatest Hits

As we question the future of the city, the small town urban form is often seen as a model for the compact, walkable, sustainable neighbourhood. While some see the small town as dying, the ideal and the myth of these places remains an important part of how we think about community and what human settlements should look like. The American small town is portrayed, in popular media as well as in...

Planowany termin premiery książki: 28-02-2018
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cena: 511,04
The New American Small Town
 China's Path to Innovation Xiaolan Fu 9781107625235 Cambridge University Press
A rigorous examination of the motivations, sources, obstacles to and consequences of China's drive to become a leading innovative nation.
cena: 165,64
China's Path to Innovation

With China being the world's largest producer and consumer of the steel industry, this book charts its development in the industry since the late 1980s.

Providing a systematic examination of this development, the book explores:

  • the complex interplay of corporate governance reform
  • industrial policy implementation
  • competitiveness build-up of large...
cena: 564,17
The Chinese Steel Industry: Government Policy and Competitiveness Build-Up
 Short Introduction to Corporate Finance Raghavendra Rau   9781107461482 Cambridge University Press
The Short Introduction to Corporate Finance provides an accessibly written guide to contemporary financial institutional practice. Rau deploys both his professional expertise and experience of teaching MBA and graduate-level courses to produce a lively discussion of the key concepts of finance, liberally illustrated with real-world examples. Built around six essential paradigms, he builds an...
Planowany termin premiery książki: 01-01-2018
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Short Introduction to Corporate Finance

Air transportation is a key component of the global economy. Airport authorities are struggling to meet the increasing demand due to facility limitations, cost concerns, training and education, and the complexities of elasticity in demand. This book discusses next generation cargo management based on recent multi-million dollar research and development cases. It includes discussions of...

cena: 314,40
Air Cargo Management
 The Cambridge Handbook of Meeting Science Joseph A. Allen Nale Lehmann-Willenbrock Steven G. Rogelberg 9781107646940 Cambridge University Press
Spanning a variety of disciplines and topics, this Handbook offers the first comprehensive overview of the science behind workplace meetings.
Planowany termin premiery książki: 01-06-2018
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The Cambridge Handbook of Meeting Science

In the 1970s and following on from the deposition of Salvador Allende, the Chilean dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet installed by force a radical political and economic system which lent heavy privilege to free market capitalism, reduced the power of the state to its minimum and actively suppressed civil society. In developing this model, Chicago economist Milton Friedman was heavily involved...

Planowany termin premiery książki: 02-04-2018
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cena: 511,04
Neoliberalism and Urban Development in Latin America: The Case of Santiago
 Strategic Decision Making: A Discovery-Led Approach to Critical Choices in Turbulent Times George Burt Simon Haslam 9780749472603 Kogan Page

Strategic Decision Making is a fundamental skill that all leaders need to master. But when the business environment is undergoing such rapid change it creates a perfect storm of uncertainty ambiguity and confusion for all decision makers. Coupled with a welter of data and opinions that bombard leaders constantly and exacerbated by organizations' limitations to coping with a...

cena: 165,64
Strategic Decision Making: A Discovery-Led Approach to Critical Choices in Turbulent Times

Oil is the key commodity powering the whole of the current international economic order. Securing unfettered access to oil supplies has become a vital national interest. The struggle to preserve these interests has inevitably played out on the global stage. The past ten years have witnessed the increasing importance of emerging economies to oil production. China has become the world's largest...

cena: 457,91
The International Expansion of Chinese National Oil Companies: Entangled Relations in Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa

This book is designed for courses relating gender to the economy. Its purpose is to enable readers to get a clear and concise understanding of the gendered character of the economy and of economic policy.

In order to comprehensively do this, the book encompasses:

- the micro level of agency, firms, households and communities

- the meso level of...

cena: 186,89
An Introduction to Gender and Economics: Foundations, Concepts and Policies
 Financial Crisis, Corporate Governance, and Bank Capital Sanjai Bhagat   9781107170643 Cambridge University Press
In the aftermath of the 2007-8 crisis, senior policymakers and the media have blamed excessive risk-taking undertaken by bank executives, in response to their compensation incentives, for the crisis. The inevitable follow-up to this was to introduce stronger financial regulation, in the hope that better and more ethical behaviour can be induced. Despite the honourable intentions of regulation,...
cena: 202,61
Financial Crisis, Corporate Governance, and Bank Capital
 Worldwide Casebook in Marketing Management Luiz Moutinho 9789814689601 World Scientific Publishing Company
Worldwide Casebook in Marketing Management comprises a large collection of case studies in marketing and business management. It covers a huge array of decision-making areas and many different industries ranging from computers, petrol retailing and electronic gaming to drinks, fashion, airlines and mobile communication. The worldwide cases are all related to many well-known brands and...
cena: 1196,41
Worldwide Casebook in Marketing Management

This book presents a practical understanding of the capabilities and construct of organizational project management (OPM) models, process development, process institutionalization, benefits definition and the use of program management as a foundation for organizational transformation. The approach is not intended to be a technical discussion of the details of OPM models but rather a...

cena: 314,40
Practical Organizational Project Management

In the first book in his series, Professor Spike Boydell presents a transdisciplinary examination of the complexities of land tenure and property rights, and provides possible solutions for sustainable societies in a developing resource rich region. In focusing in on the Pacific, in particular Melanesia, Boydell explores how we arrived at the land tenure systems that currently operate in the...

cena: 484,47
Boydell on Land Tenure: Contemporary Property Rights Conflicts in Melanesia

New information, technologies and methods for availability assessment and the utilization of renewable energy resources are the core focus of this work. Included are introductory chapters on the energy situation and associated concerns. Resource assessments and the uses of solar energy, wind energy, hydropower, biomass energy, biogas and bio fuels resources towards generating electricity,...

cena: 723,56
Renewable Energy Resources and Utilization: A Developing Countrys Perspective
Celebrating twenty years of transition from socialism to capitalism, the first edition of this book has become a popular core textbook for undergraduate courses in transition economics and comparative economic systems. Transition Economics: Two Decades On reviews and accounts for the outcomes in the so-called transition economies and takes the reader through developments and issues in the twenty...
Planowany termin premiery książki: 01-02-2018
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cena: 670,43
Transition Economics: Two Decades on
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