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 Minnesota Dawns and Other Poems Stanley J. Cook 9781432702472 Outskirts Press

Minnesota Dawns is a book of poetry that embraces the everyday wonder of God's creation.
I am grateful to the many people in my life who inspired me, believed in me, and loved me, including teachers, family, and friends, but especially to my wife, friend, and soul mate, Michaela. I am also indebted to the many poets I have read and admired over the course of my life, but I truly believe...
cena: 65,37
Minnesota Dawns and Other Poems
 The Bast Boys: A Remarkable Story of the Small-College Professor and the Athletes He Coached on Some of the Best Cross Country and Tr Larry W. Arringto 9781432722050 Outskirts Press

The Story of a Talented Professor and the Athletes He Coached
Homer Bast was a small-college history professor who loved the sports of cross country and track. At Roanoke College, he resurrected both sports, producing in a short period the most outstanding teams in Virginia small-college history. -The Bast Boys- were usually not the best of high school athletes, but under Homer's...
cena: 135,57
The Bast Boys: A Remarkable Story of the Small-College Professor and the Athletes He Coached on Some of the Best Cross Country and Tr
 Mythium: A Journal of Contemporary Literature, Volume 1 Number 1 Ronald Davis Crystal Wilkinson 9781936138043 Wind Publications
Mythium: A Journal of Contemporary Literature is dedicated to the literary narratives of writers of color and the cultural voice, either indigenous or diasporic.
cena: 44,84
Mythium: A Journal of Contemporary Literature, Volume 1 Number 1
 KomiksFEST! 2012 0 9788087260517 Labyrint
U příležitosti letošního 7. ročníku mezinárodního komiksového festivalu vychází katalog, který představuje práce zahraničních i domácích hostů této přehlídky: Thomas Ott, Steffen Kverneland, Ulli Lust, Igort, Boulet & Pénélope Bagieu, Frémok, Terhi Ekebom, Knut Larsson, Tomáš Kučerovský, Dan Černý, Jarmila Marešová, profil James O'Barra a esej o finském komiksu...
cena: 23,48
KomiksFEST! 2012
 Ghetto Luv Mary L. Wilson 9780975363430 Prioritybooks Publications
Keke is one of the most handsome brothas in the hood, definitely smooth when it comes to the ladies. Neighborhood diva Libra is described as every mans dream and every womans nightmare. She and her friends, Reesie and Maya, make no excuses for their ways and hardcore violence. Theres enough drama on their own, but add Keke into the picture, and its definitely hot.
cena: 63,91
Ghetto Luv
 The Coven Leader's Handbook - 13 Lessons in Gardnerian and Alexandrian Wicca Sean Belachta 9781411635517 Lulu Press
Written by an initiate of both, the Alexandrian and Gardnerian Tradition, this book presents a serious and complete Neophyte training program for Alexandrian and Gardnerian Wicca. Pages from the Book of Shadows, sacred myth and much lore from the oral, inner teachings of these traditions make this book a unique and extraordinary training manual for the solitary practitioner as well as for...
cena: 110,46
The Coven Leader's Handbook - 13 Lessons in Gardnerian and Alexandrian Wicca
 Regional Outlook: Southeast Asia 2007-2008 Asad-Ul Iqbal Latif Lee Poh Onn 9789812304285 Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
Launched in 1992, Regional Outlook is an annual publication of the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, published every January. Designed for the busy executive, professional, diplomat, journalist, or interested observer, Regional Outlook aims to provide a succinct analysis of current political and economic trends shaping the region, and the outlook for the forthcoming two years. This...
cena: 160,05
Regional Outlook: Southeast Asia 2007-2008
 So, You're Engaged, Now What? Latonya R. Garrett 9781432715175 Outskirts Press

Secrets Your Wedding Planner May Hesitate to Tell You....Unveiled Within!
Everyone wants to have their "special" day, but sometimes the planning and the cost are so frightful that we end up cheating ourselves out of having it.
So, You're Engaged, Now What? not only dispels the myth of not being able to afford a dream wedding if you are on a budget. It further shows how to plan and...
cena: 86,95
So, You're Engaged, Now What?
 Their Corporate Masters: 10 Ways to Reverse the Damage Done by This Presidency and Congress and How to Get America Back on Track!!! Jon C. Weninger 9781432710866 Outskirts Press
If you or members of your family feel like you've lost your representation in Washington D.C. and that your elected representatives on Capital Hill are -selling out- the American people, READ ON Jon C. Weninger -Pulls no Punches- in his book, instead he unabashedly tells it like it is and chronicles the failed policies of the current Administration and Congress. He provides a clear roadmap on...
cena: 63,91
Their Corporate Masters: 10 Ways to Reverse the Damage Done by This Presidency and Congress and How to Get America Back on Track!!!
 The Other Side of Me Michael Solomon 9781432730598 Outskirts Press
Some wonder why our families don t accept us for who we are and instead for what they would like us to be. We all can choose what we d like to be in life -- Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Mayors, Senators and even Presidents. But there are others who are living the life some may call D.L. (down low). What we fail to realize is that there are those D.L. in every family, whether rich or poor. Why can...
cena: 75,47
The Other Side of Me
 Ur Bst Golf Ken Dance 9780578013916 Ken Dance
The more you play your BEST golf, the more you'll ENJOY it. BST is short for what it takes to play your "best" Balance, Swing, and Thinking. Most expert golf teachers include these three building blocks in their teaching methods. UR BST GOLF is a golfer's best friend because it simplifies some of the experts' very complex ideas into a humorous and readable book. There's no E in the spelling of...
cena: 79,09
Ur Bst Golf
 Reclaiming Eden: Taming the Serpent Ego Daniel D. Schroeder 9781935271338 Published by Westview
While the totality of God is beyond our comprehension, certain aspects of Him ARE knowable. When He planted His own image within each of us, He gave us a glimpse into His true and full nature that would serve as our guide and source of energy as we go through life. It's His intent, as a loving Father, to bring us all back into His Kingdom, to return to Eden, to reclaim the spiritual heritage He...
cena: 69,17
Reclaiming Eden: Taming the Serpent Ego
 Letters from My Mill Daffni Percival 9780955543050 Merilang Press
Translated from the French. Alphonse Daudet, working as a journalist in Paris, moved to Provence where he lived in an old windmill. His colleagues predicted this would be a failure and he would soon be back. He sent them an account of his arrival at the mill and it was published and really caught on with the public. So he wrote other stories to follow; these were stories about his neighbours or...
cena: 74,28
Letters from My Mill
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