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 Prostor 83 0 9788008627047 Sdružení pro vydávání revue Prostor
Společnost. Politika. Kultura. Umění. Téma tohoto čáísla: Stigmata normalizace v nás.
cena: 34,07
Prostor 83
 Labyrint revue 23-24 0 9771210688234 Labyrint
Nostalgie, opakování, rekonstrukce, transformace – čtyři možné prameny archeologického přístupu, který se v tomto čísle Labyrint revue pokoušíme zachytit.
cena: 32,34
Labyrint revue 23-24
 The Lost Interview Bruce Lee 9781607961451 WWW.Bnpublishing.com
cena: 29,38
The Lost Interview
 The Push Up: Drill Sergeant Bear Volume 2 Reuben Hand John Fiebiger 9781615462346 PublishAmerica
This story is about Drill Sergeant Bear's exercise program for kids. In this volume he teaches them the push up.
cena: 127,44
The Push Up: Drill Sergeant Bear Volume 2
 There's a Monster in My Nose Richard And Elizabeth Hawley R. Spencer Hawley 9781615461776 PublishAmerica
Eddie is a boy with a hundred questions and a finger that is permanently stuck up his nostril. While on a bus ride with his mother, he meets a man who teaches him a lesson on manners. This man will not only change his life, but possibly yours too. Do you ever have your finger up your nose? Both nose pickers and non-pickers will enjoy this delightful tale. You will laugh while you read There's a...
cena: 127,44
There's a Monster in My Nose
 Dying to Live: God Is Able! Saa M. McCarthy 9781608441952 Dog Ear Publishing
If you ever doubted God's miraculous power to save and transform lives, then you must read the amazing testimonies of the lives of Saa M.McCarthy and Philemon Samuels. Both men grew up in Liberia, West Africa, led separate lives for 35 years until God connected the strangers from over 3 thousand miles apart under the most unusual of circumstances. One was living awaiting death; the other was...
cena: 126,93
Dying to Live: God Is Able!
 An Interview with Satan James Rogers 9781441536068 Xlibris Corporation
cena: 151,91
An Interview with Satan
 King Maestro and Chuck Jarvis 9781607038825 PublishAmerica
Jarvis, a current resident of New York City, holds a bacheloras degree in psychology. She has been a case manager for human resources since 1979. In 1992, she was awarded a writing degree from the Institute of Childrenas Literature. Ms. Jarvis has won numerous awards for poetry, including the Editoras Choice award. Her publishing background also includes short fiction for young children. She is...
cena: 88,60
King Maestro and Chuck
 Theatrum historiae 3 0 9788073951399 Univerzita Pardubice
Usnesením Rady pro výzkum a vývoj ČR byl 20. června 2008 schválen seznam neimpaktovaných periodik vydávaných v ČR. Do seznamu byl zařazen i časopis Theatrum historiae, čímž se zařadil do nepříliš početné skupiny historických časopisů, vydávaných v ČR, kterým byla přiznána vědecká hodnota. Svazky Theatra historiae obvykle nemají monotematický charakter, ale...
cena: 29,90
Theatrum historiae 3
 Indonesia: Towards Democracy Taufik Abdullah 9789812303660 Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
This book traces the beginning of the process of nation-formation, the struggle for independence, the hopeful beginning of the new nation-state of Indonesia only to be followed by hard and difficult ways to remain true to the ideals of independence. In the process Indonesia with its sprawling archipelago and its multi-ethnic and multi-religious nation has to undergo various types of crisis and...
cena: 294,92
Indonesia: Towards Democracy
 Tristan Rebecca Mullins 9781606722572 PublishAmerica
Tristan is curious. Tristan is adventurous. Tristan is brave. Tristan goes on a new adventure to find precious treasure and meets an unexpected new friend.
cena: 127,44
 My Mom Has Wheels Sandra Rose Sherri Talbott 9781608368891 PublishAmerica
On a bench outside the principal's office, awaiting her fate, sits a very angry Sandra Rose. She tells us that her troubles all began in art class, where the class bully made fun of a picture she had drawn of her family. The picture included her mother, who is in a wheelchair, so of course she included her mother's "wheels." Hearing him making fun of her beloved mom was too much for her, so of...
cena: 127,44
My Mom Has Wheels
 Hole-In-The-Wall with the Prairie Orphans P. S. Kares 9781608135219 PublishAmerica
Billy and Betsy continue their exciting trek across the prairie, traveling through new country. Their goal is to reach Hole-in-the-Wall, Wyoming, Famous gunfighters and outlaws lived there, protected by the rugged mountains. They visit Devils Tower and Sundance, Wyoming. The famous pair Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid lived in Sundance. This story stretches the imagination of children.
cena: 127,44
Hole-In-The-Wall with the Prairie Orphans
 Venus the Very Proper Fly Trap Lynne Burton-Hupp 9781605639932 PublishAmerica
Venus is a fly trap who is living a happy life in her swamp until the other flowers start to bully her about her eating habits. She then begins to feel self-conscious about her food choices and very unhappy about being different. Then an amazing thing happens: she starts to bud. Everywhere there are more of her kind.
cena: 127,44
Venus the Very Proper Fly Trap
 International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (Icf): Large Print Format for the Visually Impaired Health Organi Worl 9789241547413 World Health Organization

International Classification of Functioning (ICF) is a classification of health and health-related domains that provides a standard language for describing how people live with their health condition. It covers body functions and structures, activities and participation, from both individual and societal...
cena: 141,17
International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (Icf): Large Print Format for the Visually Impaired
 Disk 23/2008 0 9788086970585 KANT
Časopis pro studium dramatického umění.
cena: 9,78
Disk 23/2008
 Understanding Each Other: A Guide for Parents and Their Children Grace Lajoy Henderson 9780981460703 Inspirations by Grace Lajoy
Henderson presents a guide that can help create dialogues that encourage families to communicate and understand each other better. (Christian)
cena: 76,38
Understanding Each Other: A Guide for Parents and Their Children
 Texas Animals Big & Small Lee Post Lee Post 9781934443330 Expanding Books
Texas is big, really big, and it has some really big animals, plus a few small ones, a couple tiny ones, lots of medium sized ones and a few gigantic ones. And in this delightful children's book that teaches kids not only about the amazing animals you'll find roaming the hills, plains, valleys, grasslands and a few streets and sidewalks, but also about sizes of animals and how sizes differ from...
cena: 44,65
Texas Animals Big & Small
 Disk 26/2008 0 9788086970851 KANT
Časopis pro studium dramatického umění.
cena: 9,78
Disk 26/2008
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