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 In the Ring with James J. Jeffries Adam J. Pollack 9780979982217 Win by Ko Publications
Pollack describes in meticulous detail Jeffries' bouts from the 1890s up to 1905, his opponents, and his training regimen. He discusses the time's heavyweight scene, including contenders, pre-fight hype and negotiations, political and legal obstacles, and the color line.
cena: 206,22
In the Ring with James J. Jeffries
 Deepening Democracy in Indonesia? Direct Elections for Local Leaders (Pilkada) Maribeth Erb Priyambudi Sulistiyanto 9789812308412 Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
Since the fall of long-reigning President Soeharto, in 1998, Indonesia has been in an era of transition, away from an authoritarian regime, and on a "quest for democracy." This quest started with decentralization laws implemented in 2001, which gave greater autonomy to the regions, and continued with the direct elections for the national and local legislatures and the President in 2004. The...
cena: 489,33
Deepening Democracy in Indonesia? Direct Elections for Local Leaders (Pilkada)
 Princess the Pygmy Goat Indigo Carmen Tisa Nardi 9781607038245 PublishAmerica
This book is a true story about a little pygmy goat named Princess who was born with some deformities that make her appear and behave different than the other goats on the farm. Princess goes to her local county fair each year and has won some first place ribbons and a trophy for her showmanship skills. In spite of her difference, she is well loved by allaanimals and people alike.
cena: 133,06
Princess the Pygmy Goat
 O' Mista' Whadda' Wata' Bug! W. O. Wainwright 9781607493853 PublishAmerica
The story of O' Mista' Whadda' Wata' Bug! is a fictional account of these two perky little bugs who had made their home inside of this most beautifully crafted, handmade rug. Life for them was pretty snug indeed! That is, until the rug where they stayed was shipped off to a place called Twitterville. There was absolutely no way they could have ever imagined (with the events that followed ) that...
cena: 133,06
O' Mista' Whadda' Wata' Bug!
 The Ambassador's Credo Allan R. Watson 9781436396875 Not Avail
cena: 158,66
The Ambassador's Credo
 Five Baby Birds Linda Harvie 9781607494317 PublishAmerica
This is a humorous rhyming story of a family of birds whose babies are ready to leave the nest. Each fledgling hops out of the nest and is coached by the parents on the ground as it exercises and grows strong enough to fly. While the baby birds are hopping out of the nest, there are conversations on the ground. One baby bird makes friends with a spider. The five little birds learn to fly and fly...
cena: 133,06
Five Baby Birds
 Rocky and His Responsible Band of Cowboys Janet H. Councilman 9781607493846 PublishAmerica
Rocky Raccoon and His Responsible Band of Cowboys is the second in the series dealing with the character traits taught in the elementary schools. Rocky the Raccoon is the main character and a friend and leader that helps his friends living in the Old Oak Woods make the right decisions. Spike the split-eared Squirrel, Tommie the Turtle, Ollie the Owl, and others are just a few of the animals in...
cena: 133,06
Rocky and His Responsible Band of Cowboys
 Night, Night, Knight Rebecca Remsburg 9781608369423 PublishAmerica
So just how does a knight settle down for sleep, anyway? After a busy day of slaying dragons, rescuing damsels and protecting a king, one young boy reveals that even knights must go to sleep.
cena: 133,06
Night, Night, Knight
 Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Review: The Complete Series, 1979-1980 Neil Barron Robert Reginald 9780893706098 Borgo Press
"Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Review" was founded in 1979 to provide comprehensive coverage of all the major and minor books being released in the genre at that time. This was the golden era of SF publishing, with a thousand titles (old and new) hitting the stands and the bookshelves each and every year. From the older classics to the newest speculative fiction, this was the period when the...
cena: 133,06
Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Review: The Complete Series, 1979-1980
 Umělec 2/2009 0 9771212955013 0
Umělec - časopis pro současné umění a kulturu.
cena: 31,98
Umělec 2/2009
 The Future Selves Lucia Catherine John 9781436388467 Xlibris Corporation
cena: 73,99
The Future Selves
 Archaeological Prediction and Risk Management: Alternatives to Current Practice Hans Kamermans Martijn Va Philip Verhagen 9789087280673 Amsterdam University Press

The Netherlands is one of the few countries in Europe where heritage experts and land developers use predictive modeling to avoid destroying future archaelocial sites, even though many scholars consider the application for this purpose highly controversial. The contributors to Archaeological Prediction and Risk Management offer an overview of the various methods of predictive modeling...

cena: 169,19
Archaeological Prediction and Risk Management: Alternatives to Current Practice
 Disk 28/2009 0 9788086970981 KANT
Časopis pro studium dramatického umění.
cena: 9,72
Disk 28/2009
 Prostor 83 0 9788008627047 Sdružení pro vydávání revue Prostor
Společnost. Politika. Kultura. Umění. Téma tohoto čáísla: Stigmata normalizace v nás.
cena: 33,71
Prostor 83
 Labyrint revue 23-24 0 9771210688234 Labyrint
Nostalgie, opakování, rekonstrukce, transformace – čtyři možné prameny archeologického přístupu, který se v tomto čísle Labyrint revue pokoušíme zachytit.
cena: 31,98
Labyrint revue 23-24
 Their Corporate Masters: 10 Ways to Reverse the Damage Done by This Presidency and Congress and How to Get America Back on Track!!! Jon C. Weninger 9781432717759 Outskirts Press
If you or members of your family feel like you've lost your representation in Washington D.C. and that your elected representatives on Capital Hill are -selling out- the American people, READ ON Jon C. Weninger -Pulls no Punches- in his book, instead he unabashedly tells it like it is and chronicles the failed policies of the current Administration and Congress. He provides a clear roadmap on...
cena: 127,06
Their Corporate Masters: 10 Ways to Reverse the Damage Done by This Presidency and Congress and How to Get America Back on Track!!!
 Leaves of Grass Walt Whitman 9781443733915 Pomona Press
This vintage book contains Walt Whitman s seminal collection of poetry, "Leaves of Grass." Including various readings, together with first drafts of certain poems, rejected passages, and poems that were excluded from later editions, this book is highly recommended for fans of Whitman s work. It would make for a worthy addition to any poetic collection. The verses include: Sail out for Good,...
cena: 247,70
Leaves of Grass
 The New Paradigm for Financial Markets Large Print Edition: The Credit Crash of 2008 and What It Means George Soros 9781586487133 Public Affairs
In the midst of the most serious financial upheaval since the Great Depression, legendary financier George Soros explores the origins of the crisis and its implications for the future. Soros, whose breadth of experience in financial markets is unrivaled, places the current crisis in the context of decades of study of how individuals and institutions handle the boom and bust cycles that now...
cena: 127,26
The New Paradigm for Financial Markets Large Print Edition: The Credit Crash of 2008 and What It Means
 He Who Sent Me Michael Lee O'Neal 9781436351263 Xlibris Corporation
cena: 73,99
He Who Sent Me
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