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 Recovering the Self: A Journal of Hope and Healing (Vol. II, No.3) Ernest Dempsey Victor R. Volkman 9781615990481 Loving Healing Press
Recovering the Self: A Journal of Hope and Healing (Vol. II, No. 3) July 2010
This issue explores the themes of recovery and healing through poetry, memoir, opinion, essays, fiction, humor, art, media reviews and education. Contributors to RTS Journal come from around the globe to deliver unique perspectives you won't find anywhere else The theme of Volume II, Number 3 is Addiction and...
cena: 58,16
Recovering the Self: A Journal of Hope and Healing (Vol. II, No.3)
 Enhance Your Psychic Abilities Through Automatic Writing Desiree Michele 9780976216018 Infinity Books
A psychic medium, certified holistic healing counselor, and hypnotherapist presents a series of meditations/relaxations and creative visualization of guided imagery that can put readers into a transcendental state of mind where they can easily tap into clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience along with the practice of automatic writing.
cena: 79,63
Enhance Your Psychic Abilities Through Automatic Writing
 Hollywood Movie Musicals John Howard Reid 9781411697621 Lulu Press
When most people think of movie musicals, films like "Singin' in the Rain," "Sound of Music," "The Red Shoes," "On the Town," "White Christmas," "Ziegfeld Follies," "Top Hat," "Funny Face" and "Funny Girl" immediately come to mind. Such films are included in this book, as are many of the works of major stars, including Fred Astaire, Bing Crosby, Gene Kelly, Betty Grable, Shirley Temple, Julie...
cena: 97,79
Hollywood Movie Musicals
 Mystic Voyage Elizabeth MacDonald Burrows 9781596635272 Seaboard Press
The author describes the journey of a modern corporate womans search for God, which leads her into the greatest heights of mystic vision--oneness with the Creative Principal of the Universe, known as Cosmic Consciousness. This work takes the reader beyond the portals of mortality to reveal an unseen kingdom that few on earth have experienced.
cena: 83,18
Mystic Voyage
 In the Wind Maureen Sajna Clarke 9781425797669 Xlibris Corporation
cena: 87,18
In the Wind
 Home Downsizing in Four Easy Steps Michael Ivankovich 9780615232614 Michael Ivankovich Antiques
Home Downsizing in Four Easy Steps A significant portion of America is Home Downsizing today. Perhaps the simplest definition of Home Downsizing is Making do with less., .which is exactly what this book is about: How to efficiently downsize from a larger home to a smaller, more economical home. But what do you do with all of the household items, antiques, collectibles, collections, and other...
cena: 83,18
Home Downsizing in Four Easy Steps
 Across the Causeway: A Multi-Dimensional Study of Malaysia-Singapore Relations Takashi Shiraishi 9789812307835 Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
This book considers Malaysia-Singapore relations from a range of disciplinary perspectives. Geographical proximity, historical linkages, material flows, and movements have long connected the peoples and territories of Malaysia and Singapore in various ways and with varying degrees of intensity. Relations between the two countries have been shaped not only by competing visions of the nation and...
cena: 167,76
Across the Causeway: A Multi-Dimensional Study of Malaysia-Singapore Relations
 Torch Still Burning Brightly Becky Teter 9780974519463 Baylor University Medical Center
TORCH: Still Burning Brightly! continues the passing of the "torch" of hope begun in TORCH: Tales of Remarkable Courage and Hope. Both books draw on the power of personal stories to inspire, empower, and encourage women with ovarian cancer. TORCH: Still Burning Brightly! is a collection of 26 compelling stories by women in the Ovarian Cancer Support Group, sponsored by the Virginia R. Cvetko...
cena: 56,21
Torch Still Burning Brightly
 The Big Idea Joe Lunch Buckett 9780976696506 Pyow Sports Marketing
This book is about one extraordinary 21st century idea that's designed to create a true ownership society; resolve the threefold dilemma of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid; defuse the economic roots of terrorism; eliminate poverty in one generation; and legitimately reduce taxes by reducing the size of government, all without creating one dime of government debt.
cena: 62,19
The Big Idea
 UCLA Football - 1954 National Champions: To Know a Man - Know His Memories Jim Brown 9781598003970 Outskirts Press
Jim Brown is one of several players on the UCLA 1954 National Championship Football team who feels truely grateful for the events that resulted in their decision to attend UCLA, the opportunity to develop liifelong friends of teammates and acknowledge the frofound effect it has had on their lives. This is developed from a summary of responses to survey asking: What are the circumstances related...
cena: 76,17
UCLA Football - 1954 National Champions: To Know a Man - Know His Memories
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