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 Mono Record Collector's Handbook Phil Rees 9781907962592 Cranmore Publications
The Audiophile Record Collector's Handbook (ARCH) has been in print since 1991. It is aimed mainly at collectors of fine sounding analogue stereo LP records. In this sense it was responding to a worldwide interest in vinyl LPs from the standpoint of their great sound quality. During the latter part of the 1990s the enormous interest in stereo records began to reduce from its almost obsessive...
cena: 88,12
Mono Record Collector's Handbook
 Audiophile Record Collector's Handbook Phil Rees 9781907962608 Cranmore Publications
This book is aimed mainly at collectors of fine sounding analogue stereo LP records. It concentrates largely on orchestral repertoire - that is what such collectors listen to in the main. I have started from the assumption that the analogue stereo recordings from the period late 50s to mid 70s are far more satisfying than any other recordings ever made. The great majority of good recordings from...
cena: 123,31
Audiophile Record Collector's Handbook
 Vaishnava Temple Music in Vrindaban: The Radhavallabha Songbook Guy L. Beck 9780981790244 Blazing Sapphire Press
Beck presents a collection of 108 songs from the Radhavallabha tradition, a major North Indian bhakti tradition dating from the 16th century. He analyzes each song, discussing its rhythmic characteristics and its melodic structure within the raga system of classical Indian music, and he provides the verbal text for each song with a faithful translation into English.
cena: 175,22
Vaishnava Temple Music in Vrindaban: The Radhavallabha Songbook
 Altered Compass Dallas T. Lee 9781465398048 Xlibris Corporation
cena: 138,21
Altered Compass
 Exploratory Musicism: Ideas for Spontaneous Composition Karlton Hester 9781609271329 University Readers
Exploratory Musicism: Ideas for Spontaneous Composition examines both music and musical composition, and the characteristics they share with science, mathematics and the natural world. Written for upper-division and graduate courses, the book shows students that music is part of an interdisciplinary collection of artistic modes of expression, and that these modes can be better understood...
cena: 645,32
Exploratory Musicism: Ideas for Spontaneous Composition
 Music for Silent Films 1894-1929: A Guide Gillian B. Anderson Eileen Bowser Library of Congress 9781780394503 WWW.Militarybookshop.Co.UK
This is a high quality reprint of a fascinating book first published by The Library of Congress in 1988. Illustrated throughout.
cena: 181,97
Music for Silent Films 1894-1929: A Guide
 Fish Stew John Dolphin 9781441591418 Xlibris Corporation
cena: 76,64
Fish Stew
 Quest of Zen Sam Nak P. J. Concepcion 9781453563687 Xlibris Corporation
cena: 164,61
Quest of Zen
 Finding Your Own Truth Reed R. Critchfield 9781450039406 Xlibris Corporation
cena: 131,94
Finding Your Own Truth
 24 Italian Songs and Arias - Medium Low Voice Leonard Corp Ha 9781607962458 WWW.Snowballpublishing.com
Offered in two accessible keys suitable for all singers, it is likely to be the first publication a voice teacher will ask a first-time student to purchase. The classic Parisotti realizations result in rich, satisfying accompaniments which allow singers pure musical enjoyment.
cena: 43,96
24 Italian Songs and Arias - Medium Low Voice
 Drown Albie Cullen 9780615409382 Black13
Having spent 10 years on the verge of rock superstardom, Billy Sunday is starting to mentally and physically feel the negative effects of his nomadic, party-infused life. His mental dilemma is postponed when he suddenly becomes a prime murder suspect in the death of the wife of his high-profile record-company president.
cena: 106,81
 It's the Church Stupid Sherman E. Hill 9781441540102 Xlibris Corporation
cena: 164,61
It's the Church Stupid
 Lions, Lambs, and Sleeping Dogs O. T. Botti 9781441505903 Xlibris Corporation
cena: 164,61
Lions, Lambs, and Sleeping Dogs
 A Darkness on the Sun William J. DeMaria 9781441525833 Xlibris Corporation
cena: 164,61
A Darkness on the Sun
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