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When Cora Seaborne's brilliant, domineering husband dies, she steps into her new life as a widow with as much relief as sadness: her marriage was not a happy one. Wed at nineteen, this woman of exceptional intelligence and curiosity was ill-suited for the role of society wife. Seeking refuge in fresh air and open space in the wake of the funeral, Cora leaves London for a visit to coastal Essex,...
cena: 179,67
The Essex Serpent - audiobook
 The Good Rain: Across Time and Terrain in the Pacific Northwest - audiobook Timothy Egan 9781531832360 Brilliance Audio

A fantastic book Timothy Egan describes his journeys in the Pacific Northwest through visits to salmon fisheries, redwood forests and the manicured English gardens of Vancouver. Here is a blend of history, anthropology and politics.

cena: 64,06
The Good Rain: Across Time and Terrain in the Pacific Northwest - audiobook
A riveting glimpse of life and love during and after the war, The Marriage Bureau is a heart-warming, touching and thoroughly absorbing account of a world gone by.In the spring of 1939, with the Second World War looming, two determined twenty-four-year-olds, Heather Jenner and Mary Oliver, decided to open a marriage bureau. They found a tiny office on London's Bond Street and set about the...
cena: 160,40
The Marriage Bureau: The True Story of How Two Matchmakers Arranged Love in Wartime London - audiobook
 City of Saints and Thieves - audiobook Natalie C. Anderson 9781524750244 Listening Library (Audio)
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo meets Gone Girl in this enthralling murder mystery set in Kenya.

In the shadows of Sangui City, there lives a girl who doesn't exist. After fleeing the Congo as refugees, Tina and her mother arrived in Kenya looking for the chance to build a new life and home. Her mother quickly found work as a maid for a prominent family, headed by Roland...

cena: 218,24
City of Saints and Thieves - audiobook
A ferocious talent on the brink of making it big in Nashville must confront her small town past and an old love she's never forgotten in this engaging novel--a soulful ballad filled with romance, heartbreak, secrets, and scandal from the author of Season of the DragonfliesPlaying to packed houses while her hit song rushes up the charts, country singer and fiddler Jo Lover is poised to become a...
cena: 160,40
The Whole Way Home - audiobook
 Antisocial - audiobook Jillian Blake 9781524709891 Listening Library (Audio)
What if your greatest secrets became public? For the students at Alexandria Prep, a series of hacks leads to a scandalous firestorm--and the students are left wondering whose private photos and messages will be exposed next. It's Pretty Little Liars meets WikiLeaks.

Senior spring at Alexandria Prep was supposed to be for sleeping through class and partying with friends. But for Anna...

cena: 160,44
Antisocial - audiobook
 A Dragon's Guide to Making Perfect Wishes - audiobook Laurence Yep Joanne Ryder 9781524721213 Listening Library (Audio)
For fans of How to Train Your Dragon comes the final adventure in the Dragon's Guide series by two-time Newbery Honor winner Laurence Yep and Joanna Ryder, featuring enchanting artwork by Caldecott Honor winner and Harry Potter illustrator Mary GrandPre.

Plucky pair Winnie and Miss Drake are traveling back in time to the 1915 San Francisco World's Fair. Waiting in the past are...

cena: 160,44
A Dragon's Guide to Making Perfect Wishes - audiobook
 Darkhouse - audiobook Karina Halle Jo Raylan 9781541402607 Tantor Audio
Take all the suspense and sexual tension of The X-Files, combine it with the charm and antics of Supernatural, and you get Darkhouse. Well, not quite. Dex and Perry might have the chemistry of Mulder and Scully and the scares of the Winchester Brothers, but I promise you this duo is unlike anything you've seen before. When twenty-three-year-old Perry Palomino explores a supposedly haunted...
cena: 171,96
Darkhouse - audiobook
 The Potato Hack: Weight Loss Simplified - audiobook Tim Steele Matthew Boston 9781541452428 Tantor Audio
The potato hack was modeled after an 1849 diet plan for people that were becoming fat and �dyspeptic� from living too luxuriously. This potato diet simply called for one to eat nothing but potatoes for a few days at a time, promising that fat men become as �lean as they ought to be.� One hundred and sixty-seven years later, we are fatter and sicker than ever, but the...
cena: 121,86
The Potato Hack: Weight Loss Simplified - audiobook
 Polowanie na Escobara - audiobook Bowden Mark 9788379278466 Heraclon
Prawdziwa historia budowania potęgi i spektakularnego upadku najsłynniejszego barona narkotykowego na świecie.

Pablo Escobar – jeden z najbogatszych kryminalistów w historii. U szczytu potęgi kontrolował 80% światowego rynku kokainy, dyktując warunki kolumbijskiej władzy i grając na nosie Stanom Zjednoczonym. Rozpętał terror zamachów i krwawą wojnę narkotykową. Jego sława...
Polowanie na Escobara - audiobook
 Przedpiekle sławy Rzecz o Chopinie - audiobook Witt Piotr 9788379277988 Heraclon
Poznaj nowe fakty związane z wczesnym okresem obecności Fryderyka Chopina w Paryżu. Na jakie etapy można podzielić jego pobyt w tym mieście? Jak wyglądało życie naszego mistrza fortepianu, kiedy nie zdobył jeszcze ogólnoświatowej sławy? Ten późniejszy, kiedy Fryderyk Chopin stał się już bogaty i sławny, znamy stosunkowo dobrze. Jego koncerty były zapowiadane na afiszach,...
Przedpiekle sławy Rzecz o Chopinie - audiobook
 Death's Mistress - audiobook Terry Goodkind 9781511360371 Brilliance Audio

Onetime lieutenant of the evil Emperor Jagang, known as -Death's Mistress- and the -Slave Queen-, the deadly Nicci captured Richard Rahl in order to convince him that the Imperial Order stood for the greater good. But it was Richard who converted Nicci instead, and for years thereafter she served Richard and Kahlan as one of their closest friends--and one of their most lethal...

cena: 160,40
Death's Mistress - audiobook
Fans of Maria Semple's Where'd You Go Bernadette and and Celeste Ng's Everything I Never Told You will delight in Annie Hartnett's debut, Rabbit Cake, a darkly comic novel about a young girl named Elvis trying to figure out her place in a world without her mother.Twelve-year-old Elvis Babbitt has a head for the facts: she knows science proves yellow is the happiest color, she knows a healthy male...
cena: 140,98
Rabbit Cake - audiobook
 Empire's End: Aftermath (Star Wars) - audiobook Chuck Wendig 9780451486271 Random House Audio Publishing Group
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER - Following Star Wars: Aftermath and Star Wars: Life Debt, Chuck Wendig delivers the exhilarating conclusion to the New York Times bestselling trilogy set in the years between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens.
As the final showdown between the New Republic and the Empire...
cena: 198,98
Empire's End: Aftermath (Star Wars) - audiobook
 Welcome to Night Vale Low Price CD - audiobook Joseph Fink Jeffrey Cranor Cecil Baldwin 9780062562265 HarperAudio

Welcome to Night Vale . . . a friendly desert community where mysterious lights pass overhead. In this ordinary little town where ghosts, angels, aliens, and government conspiracies are commonplace parts of everyday life, the lives of two women, with two mysteries, are about to converge.

Like all of Night Vale, pawn shop proprietor Jackie Fierro abides by routine. But a crack...

cena: 83,33
Welcome to Night Vale Low Price CD - audiobook
An indelible portrait of one of the most famous and beloved authors in the canon of American literature, this is a collection of letters between Harper Lee and one of her closest friends that reveals the famously private writer as never before, in her own words.The violent racism of the American South drove Wayne Flynt away from his home state of Alabama, but the publication of To Kill a...
cena: 121,86
Mockingbird Songs: My Friendship with Harper Lee - audiobook
 Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk - audiobook Kathleen Rooney 9781427282378 MacMillan Audio

Fall 2016 Library Journal Editors' Pick

-In my reckless and undiscouraged youth, - Lillian Boxfish writes, -I worked in a walnut-paneled office thirteen floors above West Thirty-Fifth Street...-

She took 1930s New York by storm, working her way up writing copy for R.H. Macy's to become the highest paid advertising woman in the country. It was a job...

cena: 160,40
Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk - audiobook
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