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The Last Days of Cafe Leila Donia Bijan 9781616205850 Algonquin Books - książka


The Last Days of Cafe Leila

"The Last Days of Cafe Leila will engage all of your senses. This is the poignantly told story of a family and of the brilliant and beautiful culture of Persia, diminished but not destroyed. It is also a triumphant portrait of a woman making her way from apology to full-throated song." --Elizabeth J. Church, author of The Atomic Weight of Love

A neighborhood cafe in Tehran is at the center of this powerful and transporting story of love, family, friendship, and homecoming told against the backdrop of Iran's rich, yet tragic, history.

When Noor returns to her native Iran for the first time in thirty years, so much about her homeland is different. But Cafe Leila--the restaurant Noor's family has run for three generations--hasn't changed. Zod, Noor's father, is still at the cafe's helm, a much-loved patriarch offering laughter, solace, and nourishment to the makeshift family of regulars and waiters who call Cafe Leila home. With her discontented, very American teenage daughter, Lily, reluctantly at her side, Noor struggles to maintain a semblance of family life. But Tehran is a place of contradictions, where grace and brutal violence both have a foothold, and it's not long before rebellious Lily is caught up in both.

As the novel folds back in time, stories emerge of Noor's ancestors, particularly of her mother. As past and present converge, Noor begins to understand her place in--and her responsibility to--this world and to the many souls who have sought refuge at the cafe. The Last Days of Cafe Leila is a powerful debut about the delicate, sometimes dangerous balance between history and progress, and the resilience of a family in the face of upheaval.

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The Last Days of Cafe Leila
Planowany termin premiery książki: 18-04-2017
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Kategorie: Literatura piękna
Kategorie BISAC:
Fiction > Literary
Fiction > Cultural Heritage
Fiction > Family Life
Wydawca: Algonquin Books
Język: Angielski
ISBN-13: 9781616205850
Rok wydania: 2017
Ilość stron: 304
Oprawa: Twarda
Wolumenów: 01
Bijan, Donia Donia Bijan graduated from UC Berkeley and Le Cord... więcej >