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The Oxford Handbook of Archaeological Ceramic Analysis Alice M. W. Hunt 9780199681532 Oxford University Press, USA - książka


The Oxford Handbook of Archaeological Ceramic Analysis

The Oxford Handbook of Archaeological Ceramic Analysis draws together topics and methodologies essential for the socio-cultural, mineralogical, and geochemical analysis of archaelogical ceramic. Ceramic is one of the most complex and ubiquitous archaeomaterials in the archaeological record: it occurs around the world and through time in almost every culture and context, from building materials and technological installations to utilitarian wares and votive figurines. For more than 100 years, archaeologists have used ceramic analysis to answer complex questions about economy, subsistence, technological innovation, social organization, and dating.
The volume is structured around the themes "Research design and data analysis," "Foundational concepts," "Evaluating ceramic provenance," "Investigating ceramic manufacture," "Assessing vessel function," and "Dating ceramic assemblages." It provides a common vocabulary and offers practical tools and guidelines for ceramic analysis using techniques and methodologies ranging from network analysis and typology to rehydroxylation dating and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. Each chapter provides the theoretical background and practical guidelines, such as cost and destructiveness of analysis, for each technique, as well as detailed case studies illustrating the application and interpretation of analytical data for answering anthropological questions.

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The Oxford Handbook of Archaeological Ceramic Analysis
Kategorie: Nauka, Archeologia
Kategorie BISAC:
Social Science > Archaeology
Antiques & Collectibles > Garncarstwo i Ceramika
Science > Earth Sciences - Geology
Wydawca: Oxford University Press, USA
Seria wydawnicza: Oxford Handbooks
Język: Angielski
ISBN-13: 9780199681532
Rok wydania: 2017
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