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Fossils: A Photographic Field Guide Chris Pellant Helen Pellant 9781472933331 Bloomsbury Natural History - książka


Fossils: A Photographic Field Guide

This title offers a new, reformatted and updated edition of this popular title which is suitable for experts and armchair enthusiasts alike. Fossils: A Photographic Field Guide will appeal to anyone interested in uncovering the many mysteries of the subject. Easy to use, highly informative and illustrated throughout with amazing color photographs, this title covers all classifications of fossils, with more than 190 fossils from around the world featured.

Information given for each fossil includes its genus name, the main identifying characteristics of the genus, its maximum or average size, information about its occurrence, and general information pertaining to either the genus or the particular specimen featured. A quick reference guide to the geological range of each genus is also included in the form of an icon, which sits beside each genus name. Box features are peppered throughout the book, providing information on a number of topics relevant to a featured fossil's family or order. A geological timescale is also provided to help the reader to gain a sense of temporal perspective and also to complete the identification process.

An easy-to-use, clear recognition guide, this book cuts through the complexities of fossil identification, making the process straightforward and simple.

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Fossils: A Photographic Field Guide
Kategorie: Nauka, Archeologia
Kategorie BISAC:
Science > Paleontology
Nature > Fossils
Nature > Rocks & Minerals
Wydawca: Bloomsbury Natural History
Język: Angielski
ISBN-13: 9781472933331
Rok wydania: 2017
Ilość stron: 240
Waga: 0.32 kg
Wymiary: 18.03 x 11.68 x 1.52 cm
Oprawa: Miękka
Wolumenów: 01
Pellant, Chris Chris and Helen Pellant are based in North Yorkshi... więcej >
Pellant, Helen Chris and Helen Pellant are based in North Yorkshi... więcej >