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An ABC of What Art Can Be Meher McArthur Esther Pearl Watson 9780892369997 Getty Publications - książka


An ABC of What Art Can Be

This delightful book is a colorful reminder of the many things that visual art can be, become, and do. Whether it's weaving or making pottery or working on your computer or turning junk into something unexpected and wonderful, An ABC of What Art Can Be is an invitation to look around and think creatively-outside the boring box. After all,
A is for artist, creator of art,
Making all sorts of things with the hands and the heart.
The playful rhymes and dazzling collages are reminders that each of us is unique and can produce a work of art that's equally unique. In this lively book readers will find an ABC that's unlike any other. It includes four pages of fun stuff--easy-to-do activities inspired by the text and illustrations. Ages four and up

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An ABC of What Art Can Be
Kategorie: Sztuka, Architektura
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Art > General
Wydawca: Getty Publications
Język: Angielski
ISBN-13: 9780892369997
McArthur, Meher Dr. Robert J. Lang has studied origami for more th... więcej >
Watson, Esther Pearl Esther Pearl Watson lives in Los Angeles, CA with ... więcej >