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Romani Dictionary: English - Kalderash

As Ian Hancock notes in the introduction, this dictionary has been years in the making, and its early drafts have been in circulation among a select few for at least three decades. It should come as no surprise then that this Kalderash dictionary, by Learn Romani author Ronald Lee, is fundamentally different from many previously published Romani dictionaries: Firstly, it is compiled by a native Romani speaker; secondly, it covers and, where appropriate, differentiates European and North American Kalderash terms; and thirdly, it is a decidedly academic quality work that does not shy away from Romani grammar. Prefaced by a grammatical primer, containing over 20,000 lexical items, and filled with countless real world examples of idiomatic usage, this book is an indispensable resource for anyone looking to learn or work with Kalderash Romani. Visit for errata, previews, and other information from Magoria Books.

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Romani Dictionary: English - Kalderash
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Lee, Ronald Ronald Lee is the president of the Romani Communit... więcej >
Hancock, Ian Ian Hancock was born in the United Kingdom of Brit... więcej >